Laugh And Be Merry (Explanation Essay Sample)

Laugh and be Merry

Life is a journey that everyone must try to enjoy and indulge in. Yes, it may be true that not everything is positive or one may go through traumatic and challenging experiences in life but this must not hinder us from learning how to see the goodness in life. Sometimes the hardest challenges are there to make us strong and brave. There are anecdotes stating that “laughter is the best medicine” and yes at times it is or laughter may indeed cure an ailing soul or a wounded heart. There are times when there’s a need to be serious and to think deep in terms of making decisions but if we’re always dead serious and problematic about the unlikely situations in our lives, we might get sick and tired. There is a need to have faith and to trust that God will help in every circumstance and situation in our lives. There are different things and events that men are happy about. Some people are happy with their work and jobs, others are elated with their new homes and properties, a few are excited when they are spending time with their friends and colleagues. Happiness comes in many forms and it will always be beneficial to the person who practices being happy. Some are satisfied whenever they are with family or they are doing things for their families. Since we are all unique in our own ways then there is a difference in the way each of us look at happiness. There are government officials who feel a sense of fulfillment with helping the poor and needy by giving them health services or freebies of food, clothing and a provision of shelter. Every achievement that these officials do for the city like building bridges, schools and hospitals give them joy and peace. There are people are merry when it comes to helping people. There are kindhearted people who wish the best for others and are concerned for the welfare of other people. This is their goal in life and it makes them elated and passionate in doing what is just, right and fair.

Reasons to be Happy and Merry

YOLO means “You Only Live Once” so we have to make the most out of everything. There is no reason to waste precious time with nonsense nor is there any moment to lose on people who do not care for you. Another factor in being happy is to remove people who are harmful in your life, people who only remove your self-worth. It also helps if you block every single person who brings you down and who’s no longer healthy for you. Another strategy in being happy is to surround yourself with people who love and care for you. These are the people in your inner circle who will love and fight for you. Anybody who does not bring you up will surely not help you to be successful nor to move forward. The key to success and happiness is to find the group of people who will always be by your side through ups and downs. Nobody is an island. Everyone needs a family and a friend who will make them happy and merry. Kindness and goodness are also lead factors for a happy and joyful life. Even in the midst of sorrow and pain, happiness could be found by the one who is determined to do good in life. A genuine heart will always find happiness. Those who follow the golden rule in living, to love and look out for the welfare of others will they themselves be blessed with tranquility and a good life.

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