Knowledge Is Wealth (Essay Sample)

Knowledge is Wealth

If you think having money, cars and a lot of property is wealth, then you are far from being wealthy. Henry David Thoreau quoted “Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations… Their authors are a natural and irresistible aristocracy in every society, and, more than kings or emperors exert an influence on mankind”. Well, it can be deduced from the quote that Thoreau talked about knowledge as wealth. However, a certain aspect that goes hand in hand with knowledge is contentment. Therefore, having knowledge brings wisdom which can be used to gain material wealth and property. Thus, without knowledge, we cannot be contented hence knowledge is wealth.

Based on Thoreau’s argument on knowledge, he noted that knowledge is acquired through education. However, this idea can be refuted since knowledge goes beyond education to emphasizing its importance in elevation of the society. Empowered societies embrace knowledge beyond education to the creation of awareness and thinking above material gain.

People who are knowledgeable work smart and become successful in life. They put their skills into practice as well as being able to management every aspect of the resources towards achieving their objectives in life. Besides, Knowledge usually provides a person with the ability to think and innovate in different ways. Thus, he can solve problems that arise beyond the material.  For example, with knowledge, a person can develop material wealth such as money. However, the most important aspect of knowledge is that it makes man differentiate between the good and evil or right or wrong hence brings about perfect judgment in the decision-making process. In addition to the argument, money enables a person to make a living while knowledge enables a person to make such money hence the knowledge makes him survive in the society.

The current improved technology in the society has not been successful due to monetary or material wealth but because of knowledge. Most developed nations are stronger economically and concerning the military due to knowledge. Such success has been achieved due to knowledge which results to name, money, and fame. Besides, most studies and discoveries in medicine have been achieved due to knowledge. Therefore, the progress of humankind would not have been to such levels without knowledge hence it is wealth. Besides, it can be noted that money comes second in command after knowledge. After developing new products, technology and services using the knowledge, money which is developed through knowledge are used to bring comfort and choices hence without knowledge man cannot get money to achieve happiness in life.

Knowledge is a permanent wealth that brings satisfaction and contentment. However, many people argue that money buys material items, positions, and power. However, such cannot be compared to knowledge as money cannot buy happiness. Contrarily, knowledge enables a person to share with others his views as well as learning more about new ideas and be contented in life. This kind of nature of knowledge never diminishes, unlike material gain that loses value or can be stolen.

On a separate note, knowledge is wealth since it emphasizes on peaceful coexistence. A society that is full of material wealth only escalates scramble and selfishness. However, one important aspect of a society is peaceful coexistence. Only the wise in the society bring about peace due to their wisdom and knowledge. Furthermore, a person can be judged based on the knowledge but not material wealth. Therefore, such knowledge and understanding can be achieved through education which is done in both classrooms and the society through interaction.

In conclusion, knowledge is wealth since any kind of need and comfort that a person needs in life require knowledge which is used to get material wealth. Besides, knowledge brings about contentment and happiness which are far beyond impacts of material wealth.

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