Kinds Of Students (Essay Sample)

Classroom is a four-walled structure that is designed to provide for people to learn and to grow. Students inside the classroom are being taught by the basics of many things in order to have grasp understanding and knowledge of our society. Lessons like mathematics, science, history and others are being discussed so students can be educated of these things and be able to participate to the continuous challenge of growing of our society. Also, students are guided to grow as responsible and good mannered persons. But there are cases, which these objectives are being overlooked due to some prejudice and favouritism and thus, teachers and administration should understand that students have different from one another.

There may be age gaps for teachers and in administration, but the idea is that kind of students are commonly be observed in typical categories. First, are the so-called geeks or nerds or for some the geniuses, they are the students who mostly seat on the front so they could pay attention to what the teachers says without being distracted by their seatmates or classmates. These geniuses are more of academic type of persons, they may be good in computations in math or being good in understanding in science or sometimes, in both of field they are quite good. These kind of students too, are stereotypically presented as persons with thick glasses, weird fashion statement, and being bullied most of the time but in reality, these persons can be good with the crowd while being good in their academic studies. Next are the Rich ones and their side kick, inside a classroom there is this person who is part of a well-known family and have a great resources that they could brag their new things every week. This kind of persons are usually act as if they are a leader, and there are person who seems to be interested to be their side-kick that they follow the rich ones because they are hoping to have a share in the limelight. In some occasions, this kind of students have a great opportunity for college due to their family wealth but aside from that any learning material or resources that he/she may need can be given in a snap. Followed by the nice guy/girl, all students have a good side and bad side, but nice person are those kind of people who acts very kind and gallantly that no one could imagine them doing any rude or bad act. And if there are the nice persons, there is also the set of students who seems like the idea of being the bad ones. The bad ones, sometimes being depicted as gangsters, rockers, Goth or any dark cultured persons, are those students who has a bad attendance record mostly because of petty reasons like cutting classes, lying about having sickness just so they won’t come to school, or those who stay up late just to have gimmick with their pals. They might look and act like that but they are the ones who needed attention and help, since they are most likely suffering from anxiety, depression or other condition that they cannot open up to other people. Furthermore, there are the kind of students who are athletic type, which are basically into sports. Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball or any sports you can name off they could participate on those. They are the set of students who have been gifted by height, strength, game IQ and lastly are passionate enough on doing their craft. These students shows great capability on jumping, running, leaping, passing and other physical abilities with lots of stamina and speed.

In general, there are lot of students in classroom in which in a set of 40 students inside there are also 40 persons who have different attitudes, aspirations, strengths, weakness, ideas, and passions. But in reality, students are judge and rated on certain academic standards only not acknowledging that we have different capabilities and talents. Like a famous quote that is coined to Einstein saying, “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid” and hopefully we give chance to everyone to showcase their talent on school.

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