KFC Nature Of Business (Essay Sample)

All About KFC Nature of Business

When you want a mighty chicken meal, you cannot deny that one of the first places you can think of is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). This popular fast food chain is famous for its delicious chicken options that are served right away. KFC is also iconic in business and culture. It was a simple idea from Colonel Harland Sanders after The Great Depression. Nowadays, as businesses continue to develop, it is important to study the success of companies like KFC. This article will help you find out more about KFC’s successes.

Being Bold and Big on Branding

The first step that Colonel Harland Sanders did when he began KFC was branding. He made his own face as a friendly identification with his company. Today other companies use logos and celebrities to brand their business. Branding is just highlighting what makes your business unique and attractive. It should also target a certain audience. McDonalds, another well-known food company, branded itself to target children with a smiling clown. Olay, a beauty product, brands itself with a beautiful animation of an elegant woman. Branding can be easy if you have good ideas and a stable budget.

Being Part of the Trends

KFC progressed significantly from The Great Depression until now The Digital Age. It has its own website, internet ordering services, mobile phone ordering services, and social media accounts for information. It makes announcements on its modern endeavors. This is what it means to be part of the trends. If you are starting a company, you should be updated with trending ideas. You can find trends on Google Trends or social media platforms. Trends are only hot topics and concepts that everyone is talking about. If you know the current trends, you also know the interests of your clients.

Being Creative at All Times

Another great business strategy that KFC practices is clearly creativity. The company always pitches new dishes and events that bring more people to its doors. As you establish your startup business, you must have a lot of ideas that can attract clients. You also have to ensure the products you offer have quality and beneficial to your clients. Different branches of KFC offers healthy and culturally specific food to keep their customers.

Being Active with Advertising

KFC is currently reviving the brand of Colonel. They are using look-alike actors in their commercials and campaigns. They are focusing on the miracle that he became a success even at an old age. The campaign just got 7 million views on Youtube. It got positive feedback for touching on hard working values.  The inspiration the Colonel created in the past is now still felt. Young business men see reviving old concepts can be considered as active advertising. They can remember that with more promotion, more profit can be earned.

Building a business can be tough. But KFC is a testimony that it takes perseverance to succeed. If the Colonel did not ignore his age or ideas, then KFC would not be as popular today. His followers would have not kept his spirit alive. A good businessman knows what he wants with branding. He knows how to keep updated with trends and new ideas. He also can be a great promoter of his products. Perseverance is really the key.

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