Key Personality Features That Define You (Essay Sample)

Key Personality Features that Define Me

Even though people are the same in the sense that we are all human beings, we are different in one way or another. Every person has distinguishing characteristics or qualities that make the person unique. These features otherwise known as personal traits determine one’s behavior, temperament, and emotions. I am not an exclusion either; I have personal traits embodied in me that reflect my characteristic patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. This paper is meant to put clear the key personality features that define me.

To start with, I am an introvert. As opposed to extroverts, I enjoy spending my time alone or being in the company of small groups. People always get it wrong by confusing my introversion trait with demure shyness because of my dullness and silence when in the presence of strangers or large crowds. I am neither chatty nor sociable but at social gatherings, events and parties I tend to be quite charming. I enjoy doing plenty of things alone with no company to interrupt or help me.

I have conscientiousness embodied in me. I have a strong sense of duty, and I am well organized. I hate doing things in the last minutes, something that makes me a good planner. I believe that I am well disciplined and people can depend on me. All my life have been performing excellently in my school exams, game ball, and martial arts simply because I focus on achievements. I neither encourage nor like carelessness and this makes me a doer and an achiever.

Moreover, I am adventurous. I am open to experience, curious and imaginative. More often I set to seek fun in life and in everything that I engage myself in. I love trying out new things and exploring new ideas. Interestingly, I love trying out foods from all over the world I am always on the lookout searching for events that are unique and new to people. I travel a lot especially to historic sites where I take as many photos as I can and also video tape mind blowing events. I hate sticking to the same old habits and experiences.

I am agreeable. The agreeableness trait that I possess is the reason behind my tender kindness to people. I believe that I am trustworthy and compassionate. I am sympathetic and therefore helpful in times of difficulties and hard times. I believe in cooperating with others to achieve greater goals as an individual and as a group. I treat people with warmth and less suspicion.

Unfortunately, I also possess some personality traits that I do not like; I am temperamental. I get angry easily over minute things. I have a problem with holding back my anger and instead they always result in violence and verbal fights. I hold grudges for very extended periods and consider those who wrong me inconsiderate and mean.  Moreover, I am a little bit neurotic. I get worried easily over not so big issues. I easily get obsessed with right people and relationships. For this reason, I am emotionally unstable and easily depressed.

In conclusion, as much as I possess a good number of positive personality traits, I also have negative traits that hold me down embodied in me. I am a good planner and a hard worker. I enjoy spending plenty of my time alone or in small groups of people that I am close with. I do not like my temperament trait that makes me violent and harsh when annoyed slightly. I am planning to start attending lessons and sessions that would help in reducing my temperament and neuroticism levels.

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