Julius Caesar, Hero Or Villain (Essay Sample)

Julius Caesar, Hero or Villain

Julius Caesar, a roman general was one of the well-known greatest men. He was a General in the Roman Empire. He was known for his great sense of tactics in war and his extraordinary achievement in war. One can look so honorable but his actions make him less honorable. It was at the time when the Romans were experiencing tyranny instead of the state becoming republic and the beginning of an empire in a time of treachery. It is very tough to determine if Julius was a hero or villain due to the actions of the Roman general. He leads a civil war and expands the roman kingdom .however, rivals plot war against him. It is mostly believed that his actions made him much closer to his death. The last 400 years Rome had survived without an emperor and yet it was an empire. Rome was ruled by law and the elected officials while the senate at the top contained class of elite men, who are equal but are contending for fame and glory. But Julius comes to clinch to the top by killing several leaders to become the most influential man at that time. Although the rivals killed him but I believe Julius was a hero. This essay seeks to describe Julius as hero since he made positive achievements.

Julius made a political shock when he was elected as Pontifex, the uppermost and supreme of all priests. There were others also who were assured of their victory, so Caesar’s victory surprised them very much. This was one of the achievements so far at his first entry to leadership. He got more votes than all of his serious competitors.  His second political victory was seen in 59 BC when he was rightfully elected as a Consul. All this achievements makes him outstanding hero before the eyes of men. He was not only accepted by the people and entire country because he bypassed the Senate with reforms he made but also giving chance to the people the right to decide first. This consideration of the people to decide first gave him a public image a good leader. His achievements did not end there but at the age 40 when he received the premier politically honors of being a Proconsul, his historical career and achievement was just beginning. He lived in other places outside Rome for about 6 years and the series of  unpleasant campaigns he waged against the tribes of , Belgium and Gaul, rivaled the successes of Rome’s legendary generals of all time . But because of his successes and heroic acts, the Senate began to fear Julius. In January 49 BC, the Roman Senate declared war against Julius, in spite people’s votes favoring him. On his way to Rome, he avoids every confrontation that could arise with the Roman army, but it was not possible. When he crossed River Rubicon to march in battle, he said that Let the dice fly high which was one of his famous talk. Another achievement was he managed to defeat the Senate’s army in the war and Julius became the Caesar of Rome. He continued the warfare with Pompey who was his rival and Pompey led his soldiers against him until Pompey was murdered by the Egyptians who wanted to at least gain a good status with Caesar. By all this achievements Julius is seen as a hero and a great man though he was later on killed by the senate but overall he was a hero.

In conclusion, Julius ruled like a tyrant and enlarged the Senate, which helped him gain more popularity and fame to the Romans. he made improvements to the calendar which the roman used. Julius also changed local governments so that they ran better than before. He showed to be gentle to his enemies by inviting them to accept and join him. He gave citizenship to foreigners and all those who came as visitors. He was popular with the middle and low elite class people. All this makes him a hero though he later stabbed by the senate but he remains a constant figure of hero.

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