It Is Better To Have Brains Than Beauty (Essay Sample)

It is better to have brains than beauty

Brain is an important organ the body which weighs roughly 1.35 kgs. It is made up of a neural networks that controls the functions of the body. It has different areas that serve different purposes to enable a person process information that comes to the brain. However, the phrase ‘It is better to have brains than beauty’ does not refer to this brain literally. It has a deeper meaning that overlooks the superficial understanding of the phrase. Everyone has a brain as an organ that controls various processes in the body but this phrase goes past this assumption. It refers to the ability to think critically and make sound decisions about yourself, other people and the environment around you. Some people’s actions are not explicable as they challenge the presumption that they have brains and can make informed decisions. Therefore, the ‘brains’ in the phrase refers to ability to think and make informed decisions that show deep knowledge and wisdom.

Beauty in this context refers to the people who value their appearance highly. Such people use their appearance to get favors they do not deserve. They prefer to concentrate on their looks since they perceive them as their bargaining tool in life. This phrase is applicable to both men and women though it is perceived to attack women primarily. However, some men also give too much attention to their looks at the expense of developing their brain capacity. Thus, beauty here is used to figuratively mean that it is better to be more informed than any other physical attribute. Therefore, beauty should not take precedence in your life at the expense of learning more or developing your brain capacity.

The phrase is used to warn the people who take pride in their physicality than their mental power. The people who invest more of their resources and time in developing or enhancing their physicality to attain their dream bodies and looks than invest in developing their thinking capacity. Thinking capacity is rooted in information and knowledge thus to expand your thinking capacity requires you invest in learning more subjects. Therefore, to those people who overlook developing their brain capacity are warned by this phrase. Some professions like engineering and other technical fields can damage your looks or leave no time to yourself to maintain your perfect looks. Those people in these fields are encouraged to overlook their physicality and looks to gain knowledge of their respective fields since their big brains have higher value than their looks.

The phrase does not demonize good looks or beauty, if you can have both the better. But the brains should always take precedence in your life rather than the looks. Beauty complements brains and each entity is incomplete without the other. Even for those people who earn their living through looks like models need a fair share of their brains to make it work. They need creativity and wisdom to stand out of the crowd. For those people regarded by the society to be big brains, also suffer backlash if they are perceived to be unattractive. But since beauty is relative and like the saying goes, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ then it is far much better to have brains. This is because some people will still find a fault I your looks however much you feel you have achieved beauty perfection. On the other hand, brains will give you better leverage in the society than beauty. Brains are also universally accepted and acknowledged than beauty which is highly relative, subjective and debatable. So, in my opinion, you better be brainy than beautiful and in any case pursue brains than beauty.

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