Is Walmart Good For America? (Essay Sample)

Is Walmart Good for America?

There are daily household needs that must be catered to and provided for on a regular basis. From the food that we eat on the table up to the kitchen wares and clothes, shopping malls and grocery centers take care of all these necessities. Likewise, even the food for the dogs and pets could also be easily bought from the stores on such a quick notice. Everything nowadays seems to be on a fast lane. We have fast foods, drive throughs, quick fix for shoes and keys, then coffee shops for a speedy 5 minute service of the ordered latte and donut. Some malls are cheap and affordable, helping the family to keep their tight budget. While other shopping centers have prices way too high for an ordinary and common family to afford, it is not applicable to families known to be impoverished or below the poverty line. Some companies have coupon discounts that helps buyers and customers to get their desired items as a lower price and thus save up more for more important stuff. Walmart has products coming from China and other countries that are of medium quality but are sold at such a low price. However, there are times when items and products from Walmart are in excellent condition and still sold at an average price that could be bought by households in all levels. The advertisements are numerous and enticing people to buy and spend more and more on goods which are more of wants rather than needs. It is very important that the government also provide projects and programs that reach out to the poor in the country.

Is Walmart good for America?

The questions rely on the answers of the different people and residents in America. There are varying opinions in this area and not everyone has the same answer. To some, they would agree that it is a good thing and helps them with all their expenses whether for household goods or corporate needs. Not only does Walmart help the mothers, fathers and children looking for items that are required for daily living but this company also helps the employees and staff to have a job. With the growing earnings and profits being earned by the company, many people are provided with their salaries and bonuses. This helps them feed and provide for their families. Likewise, the government is also earning huge in terms of taxes and revenues on the different franchises of Walmart. Taxes is the lifeblood of the economy thus with the growth of the earnings in Walmart, they are able to give more payment of taxes for the government which the State uses for their projects and programs in helping the poor and in improving the health services of USA. In addition, aside from people getting jobs at Walmart, all the other companies providing them with the manufactured goods and products have also benefited from Walmart. Since they are expected to produce the quota of items needed to be sold at the stores, these corporations produce and earn in the long process. It’s a win win situation. Since Walmart has been in the service of providing quality and excellent goods and services, more and more people are relying on this corporation to provide for their needs. Thus, it is good for America since it also helps other enterprises to get a chance out in the market to introduce their newly developed products.

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