Is The World Changing For The Better? (Essay Sample)

Is the World Changing For the Better?

Over the years, the world has experienced a tremendous amount of change which has been received well by some people while others are cynical of the world’s trajectory. In the past, things were hard, and almost everything was done manually. Currently, people make money without getting out of their beds. However, man is also plagued with different lifestyle diseases, and some can be attributed to the change the world has experienced. With every change, man has had to pay whether in war, political arenas, or even civil protests like in the US. Change does come at a cost, but man has learnt to embrace the pain for the promise of a better future. Even though a section of the world might think we are headed in the wrong direction, I believe the world is changing for the better. It is true there are different flaws with the current system, however, we cannot label the entire system as bad simply because it has a few bugs. Every system man has introduced has had to undergo changes before its full effects could be witnessed. Currently, any change being proposed will indeed have its problems but the world is progressive, and we cannot retrogress in fear of change or the unknown.

First of all, the development of technology has indeed helped the world to bridge the geographical distance between countries. Currently, people can communicate, transact business, travel, and even own businesses all over the world. The advent of technology, as usual, had its fair share of critics. However, currently, man is inseparable from his phone, his computer, and the internet. People have become increasingly dependable on technological devices as new ones keep flocking the market. Travelling from one continent to another has also been made easier, and one cannot be faulted if they keep expecting more changes.

Secondly, the world has also improved on some of the most crucial civil and social fronts. Initially, people were divided along different lines including racial lines with others holding a higher moral ground than others. The society had accepted that the blacks always come after the white people and that women will always come after men. Such backward and retrogressive thinking has since been left behind, and people have grown to become more accommodative. Currently, issues of racism persist but people are opening themselves to the notion that living together as equal men and women is possible and should be the way forward. The old perceptions are slowly being phased out, and soon the world will be rid of divisive and retrogressive thinking.

People have also become more educated and do not depend on a few learned individuals for information. With improvements in the education sector, the world has managed to conduct different studies and to explore the world further while discovering new things. Currently, providing basic education to a majority of the world’s population is among the most important goals in the world. People have come to agree that knowledge is power and therefore, giving it to everyone is the first step to goals such as self-determination. The world is indeed more enlightened and knowledgeable than it was decades and centuries ago and this is one of the most important achievements of the world.

In conclusion, there are different evils in the world and focusing on these only helps to hide the real impact of the change that has happened in the world. We have come a long way, and it is only fitting that we acknowledge the world is changing for the better.

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