Is Music A Form Of Art (Essay Sample)

Is music a form of art

Music is more of an art than just a cultural activity; music is one of the important art forms because it appeals to many people. Music does not create a façade of superiority like other forms of art like painting,music is a unique art because it connects people from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Music is perceived as an art because it’s more of a culture just like painting or pottery, many people value music as they would value art. Art is not just an expression of something, art involves creativity to develop a  unique and different  piece different from others. There are many other forms of art, but music has changed the lives of many people, it has become part of our  life.

People use music to express their feelings and also to mark important events. Music transcends not only the classroom, but also the concert stage; it permeates life. Humans have long used music in different ways to show their emotions; music is used to celebrate, to pray, to woo, to commemorate and to unite community making it a unique art. Imagine being without music you will feel incomplete because you are missing out an important aspect of your life which is music. Music is considered as the expansion of unlimited truth, music let people express themselves in each and  every way, it is a universal art form that we cannot ignore, we come across it on a daily basis.

The  patterns of constructing music  and the combination of sounds is  an  artistic expression. Musicians are also  known as artist because music require unique abilities to develop lyrics, create music notations, create an outline of a song that will go with with specific melody and before choosing the song  progression, all these require artistic abilities. For many cultures, music plays an important part of their life because of its use in many forms of religious ritual, and rite of passage and other social events making it an artistic presentation.  Before presenting music there are many decisions that  a performer has to make the process of deciding how to perform  music requires skill and good interpretation, hence music qualifies to be art because one applies  artistic skills to perform good music.Anyone can make music, but it is difficult to compose a song  it require skills.

Music is not singing, it involves several aspects to develop a good piece to attract many listeners,that is why music is not just a symbol, but an art because music invoke emotions, music do much more it makes us not only cry but laugh,  dance and have the magical feeling. Music is essential to many people, people listen  to music all the time because music is a companion and it, not only brings joy,it also motivate us it helps us alleviate worries making it an extraordinary feature in our lives. A unique art like musics facilitated  deeply emotional experience, it also alters our perception and consciousness and induces blissful feelings,hence it is more than just a form of entertainment but an art.

Since music is a creative expression, music is an art because the same way we choose the type of color to use while painting, is the same process you choose what not to play and how long to play it. When producing any art, the composition is what matters it the same as art; the final composition is what will determine if the music is worth listening. Music is much more than mere form  of entertainment; it is an artistic expression  that has formed part of our lives  for several decades.

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