Inventors And Inventions (Essay Sample)

It has been told that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. Long before our known ancestors, humans who have walk upon the surface of the earth have already created inventions. It was because of great need to in order to maximize the materials that their surrounding has like stick and stone. Among to ancient invention are the wooden club that was used to hunt wild animals or their weapons, the invention of wheel that was later on used in chariot and transportations, and also the invention of whips as it was used as weapon or device to show power over the one they rule like how Egyptians and Romans have used it before. In ancient times, a man named Archimedes invented the Archimedes screw that were used to lift water from lower level to higher like in mines and wells. Also, Galileo was an Italian scientist that primarily invented a powerful telescope that successfully confirmed revolutionary theories about the nature of the world.

But since human life have been changing from time to time, there has been a great call on further establishments of inventions. Soon, the ones people thought to be impossible have become the reality. Like the idea of how people can communicate through a cable and be even faster like you’re talking to them in front of you or right beside you because during this time relaying of message will took about a week or a month using a messenger riding a horse, a bird to fly . This device was developed by Alexander Graham bell when he was 29 years old, and soon it was called “telephone”. It was sooner developed to be wireless like our hand held device called “cell phone” that was invented by Martin Cooper. Another remarkable invention was the “television” which were first developed by John Logie Baird. He created the earlier version of television which is a mechanical television, that were sooner in generations next to him developed to what we now use like LCD television or Flat screens. A famous inventor named Nikola Tesla is amongst the names that many can recognize due to his great impact to field of science especially his contribution for electrical studies. He had so much idea that some people stole it, but didn’t stop to further develop the studies he conducted like the development of AC – Alternating current and the induction motors. For studies of metallurgy, although ancient civilizations have learned the process of using metal it was Mr John Wilkinson, an English industrialist, that further developed and invented the use of cast iron that were later on adopted to create cylinders as an important part for steam engines. In addition to the great list of inventors is the one who invented the battery, Mr. Alessandro Volta invents the first electrochemical battery which consist of zinc, copper and an electrolyte component like acidic compound and water.

In terms of sports, Mr James Naismith, who was a Canadian physical education instructor, was the one who invented the game called “basketball” that we are now enjoying to play and for some considered to be a career. For reading, Mr. Louis Braille, a French inventor, who were in early age were blinded due to incident had invented the system in order to read using the sense of touch or known as the “Braille System”.

As the list of inventors and inventions have been growing up until now, there must some points that must be opened to people. First, there are agencies that recognizes the originality of the work and so in order to protect your intellectual property one must submit the need requirements. Second, many should understand the saying “Don’t invent the wheel” or a saying that says that when a certain thing have been invented we should at least improve it rather than re-creating it. And lastly, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Which are wise words from Albert Einstein, the man who uncovered the concept of theory of relativity.

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