Invention Of Internet (Essay/Paper Sample)

Invention of Internet

Truly, one of the most significant inventions in our modern era is the internet. It has greatly changed the course of human computing and communication fields. The internet is a central network that most computers have the capability to connect to through WiFi or other technologies that serves as a virtual hub that many other computer users can present and disseminate information regardless of geographic location.  The internet has greatly contributed to the further research and development of information infrastructure in the different fields of science as it makes information readily and freely available through such channels. To look back on the history and development of internet is to look at how the early researches about packet switching were done by the government, the tech industry and the academe all put together little developments and latter created the world-wide web for all.

The creation of electronic computers in the 1950’s started all this ruckus on global connectivity and networking. Leading countries then, such as the USA and France, were testing the possibilities of packet networking and one popular instance was that of the US Department of Defense in the 1960s in developing the ARPANET. The ARPANET was able to send its first digital message through a network by the great Profession Leonard Kleinrock in his laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles to a secondary receiving station at Stanford Research Institute.

The ARPANET is only one of the prototype networks then as it existed with other packet switching systems like NPL Network, CYCLADES, Tymnet, Telenet, and Merit Network. Such systems were created with different communication protocols. Little that people know about the possibilities that they were opening up during those times. What they have discovered would later teach scientist how to connect a network of networks and how to integrate a mass number of computing machines into a single communication entity. That was their first attempts to achieve internetworking.

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In 1981, the ARPANET was expanded by the National Science Foundation causing massive progress in the development of the technology. After this time, the development led to the propagation of the basic Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) and was launched with the existing ARPANET in that time. The continued support due to researches and funding by the National Science Foundation led to the creation of many national supercomputing centers in different top universities and was able to upgrade to the NSFNET project. This project allowed a local area network for American research and education associations. After the 1980s, the modern way of creating commercial Internet Services emerged and has since then slowly dominated the field and market causing for the old models to be decommissioned in 1990. The commercial internet services have successfully popularized the Internetworking technology, and since then have greatly expanded to the whole world with less restrictions and private functions and a free flowing commercial traffic.

One of the key events in internet history happened in one of the most advanced scientific institutions in the world, which is CERN in Switzerland. The goal of one scientist to instantaneously share hypertext documents led to the discovery of a peer to peer network that was accessible to any node on the existing network. This led to the creation of the World Wide Web where everyone was free to put up and get various files and information. The invention of the internet serves as a foundation for humanity’s entry to the age of information. It has greatly affected the way how humans communicate and outright think. It has an iron influence on human culture, economy and social anthropology as it is now an integral part to how the modern society works. The rise of instantaneous communication through electronic mails and instant messaging systems has molded society to think like a virtual network connected through the magical ways of technology. Nowadays, the internet is home to vast banking systems, complex social medias, and booming online shopping sites. The connectivity of people are continuously developing as higher and higher speeds of informational transfer is attained. Today, the internet shows no slowing of momentum and shows promising results to bringing the people it’s joys of online entertainment, cyber activity and internet commerce.

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