Introduce Your Friend (Essay Sample)

Introduce Your Friend

One way of making yourself and your friends happy is introducing them to your other friends who have similar goals, beliefs, and interests. Nowadays though, due to the popularity of social media, there are many possibilities of introducing a friend apart from setting a physical meet-up or a friendly date. Here are the steps of properly introducing friends who are strangers to each other.

Start with social media or by-phone introductions. You can call your friend or send a message by phone/online about someone you want him/her to meet. A direct message can be sent through a social media channel, like Facebook or Hangouts and it can go like this: “Lena, I would like you to meet my friend very much. She loves reading science fiction books like you as well as toy conventions! It would be a blast to meet her, and all of us can hang out!” Once your friend responds positively, you can mention basic information, such as where you met this person you want her to meet. Afterwards, you can ask her if she wants to meet this friend in person. If she agrees, you can introduce her to your other friend online as well and if the latter wants to meet, you can choose a date, time, and place for a get together. During this time, formal introductions can be made.

If you want your friend to meet someone during a social gathering, you can also introduce them face-to-face by stating their names as well as common interests. Tell your friend that you want her to meet someone in the party because you think they would hit it off right away. After both parties agree to the introduction, you can finally have them meet. I like introducing my friends in their full names plus their nicknames. As an illustration, here is a sample introduction: “Marlena, this is Jennifer Smith. You can call her Jenny. Jenny, this is Marlena Langley or Lena for short.” Afterwards, explain why you want them to know each other. I would say this: “Lena, I thought it would be great to meet each other because you both love the same authors and attend toy conventions. I know I can’t always relate on this level and it would be great if you two will have someone to share these beautiful interests.” If you tell them why they should meet, they already have a starting point for a conversation.

The next step is staying with them to facilitate the talk. Do not leave yet until you feel they are comfortable enough to speak with each other. During this time, pose open-ended questions to encourage them to describe themselves including their interests. On the contrary, if you do want to stay until the conversation ends, you can participate in their interaction as long as you avoid focusing on yourself. Let them know each other without being rushed. When they are already enjoying their time together and you have to leave, tell them you have to go and they should continue even while you are gone.

Sometimes, despite your assumption that they can become good friends, the conversation may not go exactly well as planned, and it is better for the relationship to end. If they do not hit off in any meaningful way, do not take it personally at all. Truly, you may be saddened if your two friends do not end up liking each other but remember that you tried and it is best to move on. Likewise, avoid pushing for them to be friends too as it is not a good idea to force people to become friends for they may become enemies or hate you in the end.

The right introduction can result in two strangers becoming good friends. You are not only making these people happy if they hit it off but you will also feel cheerful for being the cause of a new friendship. Nonetheless, accept the reality if they do not become friends. Anyway, you can keep being friends with them individually, and they can still meet other friends in the future.

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