Into The World (Essay Sample)

Into the world

According to some authors, the consequences of moving into the world are depicted through the differences in characters’ lives before and after their transition. Even though some writers believe moving into the world is an inherently good thing, others have mixed reactions towards moving into the world. The relationships we strike on a daily basis enable us to move forward. Moreover, forging new friendships are also inevitable in healing the broken wounds. Having formidable relationships is central in showing the overwhelming desire to move into a new world. According to Russell, the relationship is one of the primary motions to transfer to another new world.

Parents are always concerned about the personalities they are bringing into the world. The majority of them philosophize about traits and characters of their offspring. This argument deeply runs into their mind particularly when they are expecting. Honesty is one the most desirable personality traits in children. Honest teenagers are less likely to end up in jail. Most importantly, honest individuals are willing to undertake hard but transparent means to achieve wealth. Such personalities have extreme desire to develop. Trust in the basic foundation for all other attributes. People trust honest individuals and easily transact with them.

Bringing into the world honest but caring teenagers is a great combination.  A caring character becomes more responsible about the welfare others in the neighborhood. They have a deep friendship with others. Precisely, individuals who care much more about other people win great favor from the society. Other vital qualities that the teenagers should adopt are creative, kind, industrious and adventurous. Before imagining of bringing a child into the world, parents should evaluate themselves to see if they have these qualities. Children are a true reflection of our past. They convey a deep message of our past accounts. The personality traits are inherent qualities from generation to generation. In other words, parents significantly determine the behavior, relationship, and interaction of their children.

The modern world is sharply divided along various lines like political class, social class, and religious class. Bringing a child into the world requires a clear balance of these lines. Though some people would decide to pursue their political lines, however, balancing other lines like social class and religious class with political aspiration is a good combination. Parents should think of which direction they would aspire their children to follow when they are conquering the world. Some people are extremely obsessed with the politics of the world and confuse to define their core purpose in the world. In other words, striking a balance between these divisions is vital for healthy and purposeful life. Politics should have its time just like social wellness, and religious activities should be given its time.

In conclusion, according to some authors, moving into the world is intrinsically a smooth and positive idea. However, others are convinced beyond reasonable doubts how moving into the world is attached to some positive and negative consequences. For instance, Willy Russell explores these consequences associated with moving into the world. Hardly can one escape the challenges of moving into the world. It is therefore extremely important for one to have wisdom while moving forward. Honesty, love and caring heart are critically significant while one is moving into the world. Through honesty and care, there is deep friendship based on true relationship.

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