Industry Is The Mother Of Prosperity (Essay Sample)

Industry is the mother of prosperity

This essay looks at this topic in two ways. First, as a proverb in its original meaning then second, it presents a literal meaning though relatively similar to what it depicts to represent. A mother is a core pillar not only of a child’s life but to the general world. She is a caregiver and pillar to societal well-being. Hence, like a mother is a central figure in creating balance in society so is hard work in attaining success. Success, in this case, is prosperity and industry are equitable to working hard. For production to take place in an industry several activities have to take place. There’s a value chain of integrated concepts that require extreme expertise, dedication and effective use of time to meet the set targets. For example, in a textile industry, the process of converting raw materials to desired products depends on the employees, employers and the machinery in place. Underneath the three principles is the aspect of working efficiently. Profits arise from minimizing the input cost while maintaining efficiency which calls for labor efficiency.

Significantly, without any form of input and sacrifice by individuals towards achieving certain goals then, failure is inevitable. A similar phrase goes, ‘nothing comes on a silver platter.’ This is to suggest that prosperity follows those who work on it. Thus, it is never a mistake but planned. Failures will be inherent but it should not deter the end result towards attaining success. For example, to have a sustainable well-endowed company in the future depends on today’s hard work to realize such a dream.

Secondly, this phrase would be viewed from an economy side. This broad view gives the overall performance of economies in the world. Economic growth is a pertinent part of development and identity to every country. However, at the core of economic growth is the industry. Economic growth leads to a prosperous country due to increased endowment of resources and enriched systems. The increase in capital formation requires technological enhancement, human and natural resources. Then, the question arises as to how an industry affects prosperity. First, investors require a conducive environment for investment in a country or start up a company. investment leads to increase in financial dispositions in a nation.

On the other hand, the formation of an industry is a source of employment. With employment, there is a guarantee of income and enriched lives of people which raise the living standards. Moreover, there exists a trickle-down effect to the communities around any industry. Markets for the goods and inputs develop to sustain the demands and supply arising from the industry. Essentially, more industries aimed at benefiting society and the country promote livelihoods. This has an overall effect on the human development index of a state. It means reduced inequalities and poverty. Moreover, infrastructural development such as improved transport networks and electricity form part of the benefits. All these factors characterize prosperity. Additionally, an industry signifies creation. Goods are made whether manufactured or processed from an industry. It converts raw materials into tradable products. Therefore, it opens up the way to a prosperous state. An economy grows also from a positive balance of payment with exports being more than imports.

In conclusion, the essay has highlighted on two sides to the phrase ‘industry is the mother of prosperity.’ The first view is on hard work paying off while the second view focuses on the literal meaning of an industry having great benefits that lead to prosperity. Regardless of the view taken, both acknowledge that prosperity exists only where there has been some effort or work done.

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