Industrial Safety (Essay Sample)

Industrial safety

Industrial safety is one of the most important measures, many companies consider when developing their strategic plans to protect the future of the company, including employees, the local population from risks and other unforeseen threats. Safety is an important aspect of any industry; accident-free work environment boosts the morale of workers but also increase productivity. By recognizing these facts, manufacturers have taken several measures in preparation for any eventuality. Many companies have developed safety policies, manuals, and even separate departments that ensure that all safety practices are in place. The departments are charged with the major responsibility of creating awareness about safety.

Employees are expected to adhere to the rule and mandatory requirements that govern safety to prevent occupational injuries and accidents that can be avoided. Promoting safety means preventing any injuries and from any harm or danger. These include taking precaution to prevent accident or losses and industrial pollution .Safety deals with the improvement of working conditions for better health. Any undesired events within any workplace can result in death, ill health, damage, loss or injury. That is why management needs to be responsible for providing safe working environment to promote individual safety. These require proper training and developing action plans to promote safe practices.

It not enough to look at employee safety,  industrial safety is about keeping the environment clean to prevent any illness caused by industrial pollution, therefore safety practices need to consider not only employees but the external environment that might cause harm to not only employees but also affect the organization and its surrounding. If an industry pollutes its surrounding environment, it will affect even the employees because their health is at risk, hence this will affect production. If the environment is clean, employees will be safe.

It is the obligation of every company to work towards keeping its environment clean. Employees and the population living near these industries should not be exposed to hazards; preventive measures need to be in place to eliminate any hazardous wastes. Most companies have taken safety precautions because they are aware of the heavy losses associated with industrial accidents, whether it is the direct loss or indirect loss.  Direct loss occurs when employers are forced by law to compensate workers or the local community by paying for their medical expenses or paying for the damages in term of money.

That is why in response to numerous risks and threat facing making companies, companies have security plans and policies to guide its operations. Even though many security plans have been implemented, these plans alone cannot guarantee safety at all times, there is the need in involves the local population and employees to understand the dangers involved and the threats that can affect their productivity. Most importantly, the company needs to monitor safety standards and conduct periodic audits to reinforce the concept of safety, which needs to be among the company’s core values.

A good security plan needs to have an elaborate process that incorporates government related standard like the occupational safety act, the health act, the environment protection act the national incident management system and the incident command compliance systems amongst others . These standards need to be monitored to enforce government regulations. The internal security plan is important and needs a close corporation between the organization, workers, emergency service providers and law enforcers. A good industrial safety practice needs to include management of operations and events within an industry to protect its employees and assets to minimize the risk and prevent any near misses. By implementing relevant laws compliance and best practice, will have most safety issues addressed.

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