Indian Horse (Essay Sample)


When we speak about the story of the Indian Horse, we are able to take a look back to our historical values and virtues that have been playing an important role in our historical values. The story of Indian Horse is representing a society where they are involved in a social scandal by means of establishing racist remarks towards minority groups. In this scenario, the essentials of societal balance are important because it ensembles the ability of the community to accept and promote diversity. The main character of the story struggled to overwhelm individuals or any party responsible for initiating hate speech against minorities such as Native Indians, Africans, Asians, and Latinos living in the same community with the Caucasians.

The story concentrates on Saul Indian Horse’s narrative, explaining the methods on the struggle of being accepted by the community due to his demographical status for being different than the rest of the community. It presents about the abduction of Native American children from their residential homes as a way to place them in dormitory schools that are forced to learn while under the hands of their captors. The main character described the pain and personal sorrow as he was one of the children who was abducted and then forced to learn different subject matter of disciplines such as the English language. Most children who were isolated from their families developed a severe anxiety problem while learning at their respective school that was placed by their abductors who are Caucasians. After learning several subjects of interests, the students will then forced to undergo labor with their captors, enslaving these young individuals as a lifetime circumstance that was presented by the narrator.

The main character narrated that he suffered physical harm because there are teachers and their captors who continues to hit them with a hard object such as stick if they refuse to learn to their subjects. Most punishments were placing children in a dark room for several days without food. In this case, there are other students who fail to survive this kind of situation due to the abusive nature of the Caucasians. Verbal abuse is a regular occurrence at school that causes intimidation to all students who should be rendering their concentration on the subjects. Instead, students are always thinking about the traumatic impact of being verbally abused by the teacher and their captors. There are female students who are also sexually assaulted by male captors of teachers during the night, causing a significant trauma.

The main character decided to play hockey even if he suffered a severe anxiety to divert is anxious attention from the school towards his new passion. He quickly learned how to master each strategic input as a hockey player that gained the attention of coaches. Saul learned to love the hockey sport, which made him recover from the previous abuse that has been applied to him by their administrators and teachers during class. Saul can no longer tolerate the intensity of abusive practices at school that made him decide to leave. While leaving, he took a refuge to his new passion by playing hockey sport, which is a competitive activity to allow a person forget all the pain in their lives. Saul used his sport as a passion to gain acceptance to the community that was once full of hate towards minority race (Campanelli, 2012).


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