Independence Day (Welcome Speech Sample)

Friends and families, faculties and guest, I’d like to give you all a warm welcome. Today marks another milestone in our history as we set foot to another commemoration and reminding us that we, as a great nation had achieve our independence today.

As we gathered here today, there’s something I have been wanting to tell you about how important is this independence. Have you imagine a country without independence? Can you recall in our history what happens when a certain country have taken over the power of the government to rule among its people? In most of written in history books, there is no country that has never resisted in all the years have conquered them. But why would they resist in the first place? Or why did we? Because being a slave in your own beloved nation is a big disrespect for us. Those conquerors of land and gold have acted ill-mannered towards local people. They treated people differently they classify people from their race and social status creating a big gap towards every member of the community and I don’t think anyone of us would want to feel any justice.

Blood, sweat and tears these are among the prices that were used to pay for what we call freedom. And what does this freedom means to us? The freedom to speak what you have in mind, the freedom to be able to live peacefully without discrimination and freedom to express who you are, are just few of the blessings of what does freedom can do us. And what or how did they manage to get hold of our beloved freedom? It is through a great love to serve the country and serve the people. The heroes of wars have committed their life to protect their love ones and be in service to those who are in need.

Brothers and sisters, many of us here didn’t see the horror and tragedy of what our great grand fathers and mothers have been through. We may not witnessed their courage in the battle field, may not have heard their shout for anguish nor feel the same sorrow they felt when they loss a comrade or a family. But today, we are here to be reminded of these things and learn how to appreciate them. We are here to give constantly honour for their efforts on how gallantly they fought and how they stood tall on every conqueror and every enemies that seeks to subdue us. I understand that there of us, whom easily taken for granted these precious independence that we have as a sovereign, we may think that freedom and independence are small things with no value but in reality, a lot of lives were given just to acquire on what we call ‘independence’. Let us not waste these freedom that we have by exceeding to the limits of our freedom. One example is that, in general idea of morality we are all free to do whatever we want, but if we exceed to the limits of these limits and commit a sin or fault we are wasting the idea of having freedom. Be reminded that every action we take, there’s always a comeback for everything that is why I am asking you all to be patient and loving to every people who are in dire need, because in the end of the day we are all just living proof that our nation and its government have protecting the public to any disturbance.

Let’s not forget that we shouldn’t always ask for what our country can do to us, but more importantly is on what extent can we help to improve our nation as a free country?

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