In What Ways Can Technology Contribute To A Meaningful Learning? (Essay Sample)


Learning is an important process for every individual to ensure that their skill and knowledge becomes competitive with their respective work routine and responsibilities either at home or at work. If a person wants to become productive with their responsibilities, they opt to learn in order to ensure that their dreams are always achieved on a regular basis. Productive individuals visualize significant details that value the creativity of becoming reliable with their goals while they are going to continue with their regular routine at work. Increasing the level of skill and knowledge ensures that the capability of an individual becomes knowledgeable enough to improve their capacity to become more reliable with the company or institution that they are linked with.

Using technology is one of the most efficient methods to improve learning. The significance of technology is to ensure that every skill and knowledge becomes functional and interesting with the learner. Technology is the use of machinery as a way to influence the teaching pattern as well as the learning potential of every individual to become influential and independent. Mobile devices are the most accessible technologies that are available in the market to allow users become productive. The reason behind is that mobile devices are connected to the internet, which is the main portal of information for all users to have an access to any information. Examples of these devices are smartphones, laptops, tablets, and a smartwatch that are usually connected to the internet. They provide an instant access to information that is readily available to the public for any user to use it for learning purposes such as searching information online.

Aside from learning, technology provides communication between users as a way of sharing vital information regarding their personal or professional affairs. In this case, technology is able to ensure that the learning needs of every individual become accessible and reliable. The reason behind is that it seeks to consolidate relevant information to ensure that technology becomes efficient on handling tasks effectively. Meaningful learning comes with an efficient interaction between users while information is being shared on a regular basis. Interaction is attainable using social media websites because it has an interactive medium to allow every user to publish information such as media clips, engage in conversation, and to become notified of any event or public issues.

Learning using technology enhances human senses to coordinate with any information available on the internet. One example is by using numerous forms of information that is vital with the individual’s attention to engage with the process and accessibility of the insights. The sense of sight has always been an important mode of communication that seeks to value the coordination of eye movements while reading texts and viewing media clips. The use of auditory perception allows users to further appreciate the information by listening to the sounds or background music associated with the informative campaign that drives learning potential. The sense of touch allows users to communicate with other individuals or users using different modes of informative medium to allow information shared to various media outlets online. Basically, technology facilitates an interactive mechanism to allow all individuals to share and retrieve information that are important to facilitate their daily routine over the internet whenever they are conducting research to a certain activity (Konetes, 2011).


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