In Paris With You (Analysis Essay Sample)

In Paris with You

Sometimes heartbreaks and disappointments in relationships usually drive people to doing crazy things. The emotional pain is usually too much to handle. One tried looking for all avenues to escape from the realities of that very moment, from the fact that something is no more. This feeling of escapism is sometimes too human, since there might be no single scenario where one can just accept sitting in a position of pain without doing anything. Trying to find meaning from the whole thing is what brings about moving on. While moving on might not be an easy process, it must happen in one way or another. The poem In Paris with You clearly illustrates this struggle.

The poet is James Fenton who is also an English author; he once worked as Oxford professor of poetry. He has worked as a literary critic, and he has also worked for many notable publications such as the independent newspaper. The poem is about a person who has separated from her lover and is currently in Paris enjoying a fling. The person wants to live for a moment which perhaps is a way of reclaiming his life after a messy breakup. He is trying to move on with his life. The narrator is trying too hard to assume that things are okay, or try to bring things back to normal, after a serious disappointment.

The first stanza uses rhyme which makes the poem attractive and provides humor. It is quite surprising that this stanza bears some comedy, and yet one would easily have assumed that it would be a continuation of a somber mood that started it. In this stanza colloquial language is used, he says he had had an earful this proves that he is not interested in love. This further shows he has been through a breakup. It is clear the person is hurt. The last line of the stanza acts as a refrain and constantly reminds him that he is moving on. In the second stanza, the narrator addresses concerns of his companion. Here it is revealed that he is on rebound which has hidden sexual connotations.

The stanza is longer than the rest, and there are no periods, so it moves faster, this reflects on his emotions which is a bit awkward although not surprising as he seen asking they blow off the site which could mean to spend the day having sex. He talks about doing ‘this and that, ’ but he again says to ‘what or whom’ this could be a sign of guilt or act of dehumanizing someone. From the fourth stanza, it is possible that his request has been granted if we assume he is lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

The use of the words ‘I’m in Paris’ is not unintentional, it is a euphemism. He states that brought him in that satiate which are the eyes of the partner and mouth and again uses euphemism when he says ‘all points south’ which represents the sexual organs of the partner. It is quite graphic as it is imaginative. The narrator chooses his words quite expertly.

In conclusion, the mood of the poem is light-hearted. The person is coping with the sadness of a broken relationship. Even though he is happy with the new friend, he says he aims to enjoy a physical relationship and not to fall in love.

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