Importance Of Value Based Education (Essay Sample)

Importance Of Value Based Education

Value based education has been the wish for most nations and especially India. It refers to education whereby the outcome adds value to the learners and not just learning because it is a routine or mandatory to do so. Therefore, among the importance of value based education is that it builds the various qualities of honesty, strength and humility in a person in regard to their social, moral and spiritual behaviors.

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The social life of an individual is an important aspect in their life because it shapes their behavior in regard to the environment that they live in. Therefore, value based education plays a big role in someone’s social life by teaching the importance of being honest with other people being humble in all situations and, as well, as handling challenges in a strong manner. A good example is that, through value based education, then an individual is able to learn that being honesty with other people is a substantial aspect if they expect other people to be honest with them. The education is not only made for the purpose of passing exams but also, for developing intelligent people who are able to deal with real life situations at any given time.

Also, in regard to an individual’s morals, value based education helps in shaping an individual’s behavior so that they can be able to fit in the society without having a negative impact on other people’s life. Such moral are applicable in the school environment, the future workplaces and in the family. Therefore, once an individual is exposed to the value based education, it will be easy for them to intelligent interact with the people around them and, in turn, display a good behavior that is admirable and can be copied by anyone. Hence, it is important to incorporate value based education in the school system because it will, in turn have a great impact in the morals of individuals within the society hence making the world a better place to live in as compared to a situation whereby value based education is not being practiced.

Value based education plays an important role in strengthening the spiritual behavior of an individual’s. Given a value based education system, then it is important to incorporate religious studies in order to guide students towards the importance of being spiritual because it plays a substantial role in shaping the moral behavior of individuals as well as the manner in which they relate with other people in the society. A spiritual person is normally associated with good qualities in life such as honesty, humbleness and humility among others. Hence value based education is very important in any given system education because the benefits not only affect an individual but is rather felt by the whole society.

Concisely, value based education plays a big role in shaping individuals behavior so that they can display good morals, interact with others well and act spiritual in all aspects of life. Human beings display a natural need for interaction with other people hence it is difficult for a person to avoid being social with other people. As a result, this calls for the need of value based education so that individuals can learn how to be intelligent when dealing with other people. Among the intelligence strategies learnt is the best way to show a desirable behavior when it comes to ones morals and their spiritual nature. Therefore, such morals and spiritual nature obtained from a value based education system aids individuals in their social life because they are able to interact with one another well ranging from the work place to their families and the external environment surrounded by friends.

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