Importance Of Time For Kids (Essay Sample)

Importance of Time for Kids

Time is indeed priceless and once it is lost, it can never be recovered. Time is free to all and it is often said that people who destroy time also get destroyed by time as well while those who use time can indeed be blessed by it. Once time is lost, it is impossible to get it back and one will always be fighting a losing battle. Families grow their bonds when they spend their time together while others crumble because of lack of the same. Parents often find themselves between a rock and a hard place especially when they have careers that demand greatly from them. Every parent has the dream of raising healthy, well-behaved children. However, this is always easier said than done as new parents often come to realize. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and the problem is that it does not come with a manual. Currently, there are experts who try to help parents or new parents by preparing them and making sure they understand what parenting is like. Time as many would say, could be the key to raising healthy and well-behaved children. Parents need to have time for their children and this article will explicate on the importance of this.

First of all, children feel loved and important if they see their parents taking their time off their busy schedules to be with them. Loving and caring for one’s children is a duty for parents but few honor this obligation. Children are vulnerable beings and parents are expected to protect and care for them at all times. It is indeed easy for children to detach from their parents especially if the parents become ghosts who only appear late into the night. In such a situation, children find other people or start becoming deviant hoping to be noticed by their parents. Feeling loved and important is something that every human being craves and if children are made to feel like they always come second, then detachment gradually builds.

Secondly, having time for children is also essential because parents get to build stronger bonds with their children. Parents always want to grow closer to their children and develop a lasting bond. The above is also easier said than done and most parents learn it the hard way. Children can be stubborn and some can even refuse to bridge the gap with their parents. However, having time for one’s children is indeed essential and would help to strengthen the bond as well as trust that exists between a parent and her children.

Having time for one’s children is also necessary because it makes the work of guiding them easier. Being observant comes with the package of being a parent. To be involved in one’s child life, it is necessary to note all the small things that children put their minds to. Children will always trust a parent who will take interest in what they are doing and will also feel free to diverge information to them. When this happens, guiding becomes easy and trust grows immensely.

Finally, parenting is not an easy job. It takes patience and hard-work to raise children. However, nothing will endear a parent to their kids if they find time to be with them even when their presence is unnecessary. Children use their eyes well and they will notice when their parents are missing from their lives. Parents, therefore, need to save and spend time with their children.

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