Importance Of Saving Environment (Essay Sample)

Importance Of Saving Environment

Global warming, El Niño and El Nina and other drastic reflection of how our nature has become in the past century. It was without any doubt that are surrounding have changed and not just in aesthetic part but more on ecological speaking. One proof for these changes are the destruction of natural habitat of animals thus resulting to many imbalances on the food chain and other symbiotic system existing in our nature, another proof are the melting of polar ice caps from the north, also the severe change in our weather where many countries have experienced the extreme storms and blazing sun. Which all of those scenarios leads to big problem on how our next generation shall survive?

If there are changes on weather condition, there are lot of chain effects that possible to happen. In an event where temperature rises or extreme hot condition, the moist and water on the ground shall evaporate and will leave the landfills deserted and dried, making it hard for farmers to grow seedlings and crops, eventually will have an impact on food production making a decrease on yield crops. The problem doesn’t stop there, after harvesting those crops the distribution will be hard since business owners will increase the price, for they have increase in costing, then only those who has enough money can buy and those who can’t shall have a hard time and may experience hunger, and the worst case is leading to malnutrition and in wide perspective can bring famine, most especially on third world country that are already suffering. Another thing to think, is that human population is still rising, since we have developed and improved the medical aspect of our society we had increase the mortality rate and so the numbers of people to feed are also growing and if we have less amount of crop, there are others who won’t get enough. To add on the effects of extreme heat, is that it can also have a great effect on human health as well on animals that can cause irritation, skin diseases and even heat stroke.  On the other hand, when there is too much rain or water vapour it isn’t healthy for us, because that could drown plantation or cities that can cause damage on properties and crops. Also would lead to another set of problems. In some places, the particular change of extreme heat and heavy rainy season as it is known to be El Nino and El Nina, which are all part of the effects of Global warming. To add more details, pollutions that are part of the problem of our environment have direct input in the growing danger in our ecosystem. Pollution in land which mainly consist of human trash where some of it aren’t going to decompose in decades or so consuming large volume of land, plus these waste kills the land nutrients since some of these are highly toxic. Pollutions in water also applies the same, where trash are floating and causing clogging on water path. For pollution in air there are built up of poisonous smog that when inhaled by humans can cause sickness in gradual basis.

The point of the importance of saving environment is very crucial as it concern in our health since from the air we breathe comes from the nature if we fail to protect and save the trees there will be a problem and deficit to production on essential oxygen that we in order to breathe. For animals and plants, because they have dependency on nature mainly because it is their home and their needs are placed on it. Overall the ability to survive of mankind is at risk here and so we have to take our chance and do what is needed to be done.

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