Importance Of Postman In Our Life (Essay Sample)

Importance of postman in our life

Postmen are familiar figures in many localities, be it within the busy metropolitan areas or in the rural parts of the country. Postmen move round in all parts of the country. You will find them in suburbs and villages.  A postman is an important person in our community. He can easily be recognized by his heavy bag containing letters to be delivered every day. Postmen are important people in our lives because they facilitate communication among people from various parts of the world. They not only deliver letters, they also bring parcels at our doorsteps, instead of traveling long distances to pick it at the general office.

Every day people wait patiently for the postman to deliver good news, hence the postman acts as an important link between different people.  Many people wait patiently for good news from a postman; these include confirmation of business deals, college invitation, or a selection to attend an event.  It is not surprising to see children and adults sitting by the doorway in the afternoon to receive their letters. Like all other public servants, the postman is a familiar figure who can easily be recognized by his uniform from a distance. He is known to carry a heavy bag across his left shoulder moving door-to-door supplying mails, parcel or telegrams.  As a child, I used to think that the postman did not have an office that is why he used to walk door to door to deliver letters. However, I learned that he did have an office but did not have time to sit in the office because he works outside serving people. Being a postman requires self-discipline.

One needs to be time conscious and be honest in his duties. The fact that part of his duty is to deliver sensitive information he needs to be very responsible and arduous despite the volume of work he needs to complete each day. A postman is a diligent worker, and he is true to his work.  I can vividly remember our postman John as one of the most dedicated and cheerful people I ever saw when growing up.   He could greet people and smile to everyone he met. He did not have a holiday; he used to work from Monday to Sunday come rain or shine be it winter or summer and even on Christmas Eve. John arrival was always awaited with anxiety; he used to tell us how he had to wake up in the morning to the general office to sort out letters and arraign them according to different areas before embarking on his daily routine of  distribution.

During special occasions like thanksgiving or Easter holidays, his bag was full and heavy. We rewarded him with drinks and food to make his journey less tiresome.  We would always cheer him up because he needed it at times. He used to carry a heavy bag on his shoulders and could move around the neighborhood until the bag was empty. John was a hardworking person who carried out his duty with a lot of diligence. He deserved an honor because he never complained.  Being a postman is not an easy job, one need to serve many households every day without mixing up the letters or parcels.  A postman brings smiles to many people. In summary, a postman is a noble person who makes sacrifices. Like John, all postmen deserve to be treated much better than we did because he ensures everyone receives his package in time without  traveling to town to pick their letters.

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