Importance Of Politeness (Essay Sample)

Importance of politeness

Politeness is behaving in a respectful and considerate manner towards other people. Every person wants to hear good things and see good behaviors towards themselves. Therefore it’s important to behave in a polite and pleasing way towards others. The politeness does not necessarily mean kind words towards others but also how we deal with the environment and animals around us. Mostly, people show courtesy to senior personnel, this is a dangerous trend in a civilized world. In the world today, we are supposed to appreciate each and every one, and therefore politeness is essential e.g. in a class civility should be shown between students and also to their professor. We’re to learn that every senior person is like others and we need to practice daily to be polite.  We must swallow our pride to be polite; with pride, no one can be polite. Pride is a dangerous trend and always points to one’s downfall.

Politeness should be applied in the way we act, in our speech and our way of thinking. Politeness is an important skill that will make you achieve your objectives in life as people will always take you seriously and deal with you in a right way. Showing politeness to other people enlightens and brightens their day, this can be essential if you are to achieve your objectives at an individual or organizational level. It’s a skill that shows humility and everyone admire the humble for they do things logically with a lot of insight. Politeness can help you achieve and protect your feature. People will always like working with you and in this way your career is on a safe path.

Politeness reduces stress in oneself and others. By learning that one can talk to you with respect, you’ll be ready to get out of your shell and be willing to mingle with others freely. With free mingling, people can always share their stressful conditions and situations. hPoliteness will improve productive of a person both at a personal and organizational level as they will feel like valued people. The polite words in an office may seem unnecessary, but they boost the morale and performance of employers and fellow employees.

Being polite to others makes you and others be in a good mental health condition. Instead of always thinking about your bad encounters you can always think of the good things you heard or told a colleague or friend. Thinking of good things will keep your mind in good health as it will make you forget about your bad encounters. Dangerous encounters can always be traumatizing and at times leads to mental deterioration. Therefore, finding a polite person will make your mind stay in a healthy condition.

Politeness makes human beings different from other animals. By acting politely to people or the environment, your logical reasoning will always be seen. You will always be accorded the respect you deserve in a society depending on your action and behavior towards others and the environment. The way we deal with our environment makes us look responsible or not. If we are polite, we are more accountable and will take care of the little things we see around us. Therefore, instead of environmental destruction like other animals, we can protect it.

Everyone should learn the art of politeness; it is core to our daily survivals and communications. It is an important skill if we are to appreciate everyone in our society. Its benefits are also immense and therefore must be observed at all times.

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