Importance Of Moral Science In Life (Essay Sample)

Moral science is an absolute necessity to people’s lives. It inculcates moral values, principles, ideals, and virtues that build the personality and character of an individual. Its inceptions in schools as an independent subject say a lot about its necessity. When children join the school, they are impressionable as ever, and by instilling moral values, they become worthy members of the society. Moral science is crucial in life for various reasons.

First, it shapes the way an individual views the world by instilling inseparable character. An individual makes a judgment on whether to do a noble action or not, for instance, helping an elderly, depending on how well various values and morals are deeply rooted in them. The study of moral science ensures that individuals, from a tender age when their behavior is shapeable, and behavior can be streamlined, are empowered through values and ideals that are appropriate, and that makes them worthy members of society.

Secondly, it helps individuals to discern good from bad. An individual’s choice on what is good or bad predominantly relies on how they value and observe the world, and because of what is their soul. These observations are informed by how an individual is raised, the morals and virtues instilled in them, their feelings, and through the observations of those around them. Thus, an individual raised in a home where virtues of honesty, respect, handwork, and integrity are not present tends to do all the wrong things with confidence. However, through moral science, students get to learn various moral values, their importance, which informs positive behavior throughout their lives.

Thirdly, moral science builds relationships. Connections among people depend on different aspects. One is through mutual interests, understanding, and similar values. For individuals to maintain a mutually benefiting relationship, they have to have trust in each other, be honest and straightforward, love and respect each other needs, values, and opinions. All these aspects are reaped through moral science. It utilizes stories, scenarios, and poems, depicting strong and valuable relationships. Moreover, they portray values, and morals that strengthen friendship bonds, which when adopted elicits relationships.

Moral science influences critical thinking. In a person’s life, one has commitments they want to achieve. However, when living in a materialistic society such as today’s society, the urge to achieve material things pushes people to ignore spiritual and moral aspects of life. Moral science introduces the concepts of self- analysis whereby one puts in mind these purposes versus the society they live in, their feelings and the views of people that play a substantial role in their lives have. In doing so, one can determine what they want in life, and the right way to achieve them.

Moral values help to counter bad influences in life. An individual’s ethical standards are determined by morals and virtues practiced and introduced in their society. Morality is not a law forced on people, but a choice one makes independently. Thus, moral science develops right senses in people hence, causing the adoption and reflection of virtues such as honesty, fairness, respect, integrity, and absence of evil. Consequently, an individual can shun away from certain behavior such as ill-treatment of women, child abuse, and crime.

The moral character of a person is vital to life today, as their greatness wholly depends on it. It guides a person’s life and provides a path to success through teaching moral values that enable; one ably to mingle and develop friendships, shape the outlook of life, determine good and bad, promote critical thinking and facilitate countering of bad influence. Thus, it is vital for all individuals.

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