Importance Of Military Bearing (Essay Sample)

Importance of military bearing

A military career is a job for a dedicated group of people. In military life, the elements of military bearing help the junior and senior officers to know how to interact and coordinate in their daily duties. These elements include pride, punctuality, courage, respect, loyalty, reliability, and personal courage among others. In this article, the importance of these elements to officers is discussed

Military officers are expected to get a rigorous training. The training involves things not possible in the first instance and things possible at the first step, the training also includes different kinds of trainers, some kind, and some mean. The bearings dictate respect and professionalism; with this in mind the trainees accept their training in all kinds of circumstances. The army officers also know that the future of the military is in their hands and they must get proper training. Without proper training, the next generation officers are likely to be led down the wrong path by getting poor training.

Military officers undertake different kinds of tasks. These jobs include rescue missions, defending the political borders, and peacekeeping missions. All these missions are risky and require commitment and courage. In the military bearings, the officers are taught to be courageous in their duties. The combination of courage and discipline helps officers to obey the command of their seniors without asking questions. The obedience helps officers perform their tasks to the best of their ability. The performance is what keeps the world at peace.

The military officers are expected to show pride in their work. The pride is demonstrated by how the officers dress. The officers must be tidy and organized at all times. This smart appearance gives people a good and desirable image of the military. The missions are scary, but the outward appearance of the officer must not scare others from joining military services. The officers are expected to replicate the same organization in real life, life outside the service. Leadership qualities are shown by how organized one is and therefore the community will always see the officers as good leaders.

The elements of the bearings dictate that army officers have respect towards each other. The respect is not only limited to the seniors but also to the junior officers also. Army officers operate in small units; these units comprise leaders of different ranks. In those units, they must always accomplish missions assigned to them. Respect helps officers in the small groups to recognize the value of each other. People feel happy and perform marvelously well if their worth is appreciated. The performance helps officers achieve excellence in their work.

The officers are taught confidence by the bearings. Doing a task without questioning the implication of your action requires confidence in your commander. Army officers must always believe that their directors are right and do the work assigned to them correctly. The officers’ confidence helps them understand that their job is worth in the society.

The bearings also teach officers to make the best out of their situations. No matter the war condition, the officers must always look at the positive side. At the war zones, the officers expect to meet enemies of all kinds, some armed with sophisticated weapons. In facing the enemies, the officers must only focus on their tactics to win the battle. The officers are not expected to look at themselves as inferiors in the fight ground.

In general, military bearings are vital in army service operations. If military officers are to win any war, they must learn to observe these bearings. In their training, army officers should be taught the importance of these bearings. All military officers must master these bearings.

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