Importance Of Informatics For The Security Of Technical Systems (Essay Sample)

Importance of Informatics for the Security of Technical Systems

Before technology changed to what it is today, people were only concerned with the physical security of their property. However, currently, the shifts and advancements the world keeps experiencing especially in technology comes as a cost which is increased vulnerability. While technology has indeed helped to transform the world, it has also set the agenda for several global-level discussions the world has had. In the past, cases of robbery with violence were common and thieves thrived while using such means. However, technology has revolutionized the world and even people with evil intents have switched to the use of technology for purposes of executing their plans. Systems are increasingly becoming vulnerable to some of the most sophisticated breaches. Just recently, the world was battling the spread of the WannaCry ransomware which infected more than 300,000 computers. The world was called to action as everyone tried to make sure that they are virus proof. Even though the ransomware was eventually stopped, it reminded the world of the vulnerability that exists as a result of technological advancements. However, the inception of Informatics has indeed helped to secure the world and to stop perpetrators on their tracks. This article will focus solely on how the Informatics has helped the world to secure its systems from external attacks.

First of all, the world has benefitted from informatics through the introduction of new and complex cryptographic techniques. Initially, the world was involved in research to discover ways that would help to stop brute force attacks. Brute force simply involves using all the possible combinations that exist in the world. For a long time this method worked and even though hackers had to go through thousands of potential combinations, it was nonetheless a loophole that could be exploited. However, the inception of encryption algorithms such as AES or Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit meant that hackers would have to try harder to bypass any systems.

Informatics has also helped the world to increase security with regards to the authentication process. Authentication simply means the process of identifying a particular user who is trying to access a system. Initially, it was difficult to have or even use different identities to access one account. For example, Facebook allows users to login using their email address or their phone numbers. The above has been made possible through the inception of informatics. Currently, one can use their long passwords to be authenticated, biometrics, or even digital signatures. These are indeed made possible by informatics.

Finally, informatics has also made streamlined and made access control easier for system administrators. Access control simply entails controlling the different privileges that users have in a system. Users of different levels are often given access to different aspects of a system with priority given to the ones at the top of the organization. Initially, it was easy to fool and therefore, bypass a system which meant that one would have access to privileges they were not supposed to have. However, currently, systems are able to control access for thousands of users. Systems are more complex and cannot be easily fooled to accept specifics that are false.

In conclusion, the field of informatics has indeed been revolutionary in the technology world. Hacking was quite easy in the past and while it is still happening today, hackers are being made to work harder than ever which is indeed a step in the right direction.

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