Importance Of Human Values In Education (Essay Sample)

Importance of human values in education

Human values are characteristics that differentiate people from the rest of the animals. These values teach humans to recognize each other and know how to interact with one another. Education in this modern world is essential to human survival and success. People take a significant portion of their life span in school or doing paperwork. This long time requires that people have desired values to ensure the success of role of education in the society. Human values include honesty, brotherhood, openness, respect and many others.

The quality of education is crucial to the success of education in the current and future generation. The learners’ ideas must be original to sustain the quality of education. Originality requires truth from the students. Currently, almost all students of higher education levels have access to computers and the internet. A combination of computers and the internet enables students to access all the required information. These information help students do their research work to allow them to write a quality thesis, dissertations, term papers, assignments, etc. Occasionally, the internet provides the exact answer the students need; this has led to some plagiarism cases. Plagiarism lowers education quality as it doesn’t show new ideas from the students. Students, therefore, require honesty not to rely on the internet for answers.  The students must be fair, go to the library and read relevant sources for their answers. In cases of thesis and dissertation, the internet is essential but should be used by the students to know what others have done in the area of research the students are interested. Truth, honesty, and fairness are essential to students’ creativity in schools.

An education system comprises different people with a broad range of characters and beliefs. All these people must interact and understand each other for smooth operations in schools. Therefore, individuals in school environment must be open to each other. The school staff and the students should be ready to accommodate each other irrespective of characters. Characters are acquired, this means even individuals with bad attitudes can change. People must be willing to listen to each other. In school, people have different abilities and problems. Some students are academically bright while others are not, some students have family and personal issues, and all these require openness to ensure the success of each other. Students and teachers must be ready to listen to each other to help those with various problems overcome their problems. Listening shows sign of acceptance. Once accepted everyone in the school would be happy and ready to do their best for the success of education system. Also, those with problems will feel appreciated.

At home, we have our parents, brothers, sisters, and neighbors. Life is boring without interactions. Most people don’t have relations at school; they suffer loneliness. Individuals must show brotherly love to one another at school. The love will make each other feel at home in schools.  The friendship will also ensure corporation in co-curricular activities by the students in schools.  The partnership will help students recognize the importance of group work. Since education is not only about academic fitness, the group work will give students a deeper insight in socialization.

In schools, everyone needs respect, from the cleaners to the administrators. Respect will ensure peaceful relation in schools. The students and other individuals in school will feel confident and hence work hard to achieve high academic quality.

Education and human values are partners. There can be no quality education without human values. Everyone must recognize that education is baseless without good values. The good values in schools distinguish the learned from the rest and must not, therefore, be under looked.

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