Importance Of Following Orders (Essay Sample)

Importance of Following Orders

According to, an order is “an authoritative direction or instruction; command; mandate.” Another definition is “a command or notice issued by a military organization or a military commander to troops, sailors, etc.” Orders are highly associated with the military or the police and often come from people of higher authority. When given an order, the recipient is never expected to question but to accept and act as or deliver the message as commanded. Discipline in the military is key and disobeying an order often warrants a punishment. Regardless of one’s rank, the expectation is that orders from above must be followed unless an override by a higher power is received. Human beings are known to be inquisitive and stubborn beings, however, while in the military, such an attitude often gets one in trouble with one’s seniors. When ordered, the best course of action is to acknowledge the order or command and proceed as requested. It is, therefore, essential to say that following orders is part of the army and its emphasis confirms that it is indeed important. By analyzing how orders are beneficial, this article will highlight why following orders is important.

First of all, following orders makes a group strong or helps to exaggerate the strength of a group. Disobeying orders or acting as an independent entity only serves to make a group weak and vulnerable as well. The military thrives when orders are followed because it is only then that sophisticated battlefield tactics will be implemented successfully. A leader is only as strong as his message and a group is only as strong as its weakest link. Leaders often strive to be influential and to have their message and information followed and acted upon. This helps to show that he is in control and that nothing can be used to separate the group. The above is indeed a mark of strength. Despite a group’s flaws, following the leader’s orders will always represent a strong bond and respect not only towards the leader but also towards the cause.

Secondly, following orders is essential because it helps to show that a group is united and focused on the cause. As stated above, a group is only as strong as its weakest link and when a soldier decides to disobey an order, he sends the message that the leader is not as strong as he should or the group is not united in the cause. Regardless of the message such an act sends, one can tell that the objectives set will not be achieved or more time will be required for the same. However, by following an order, one shows that he first of all agrees with his superior on the course of action, and he is committed like the rest of the group to the set objectives. Success is indeed guaranteed if the words of the superiors are taken seriously and acted upon.

Finally, following orders helps to maintain order and to show that a group is organized. When people ignore orders, there is bound to be different courses of action which communicates a lack of order and organization. However, when everyone follows the orders communicated, one can easily tell that there is organization in a group and respect abounds.

In conclusion, the foundation of any military in the world is respect and discipline. Everyone is expected to salute the person who is above them and to take their word seriously. The strength of group is depicted by how much influence a leader has, and this can be exhibited by his subjects’ respect of his words.

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