Importance Of Essay Writing For Students (Essay Sample)

Importance of Essay Writing For Students

Professors pump the college students with lots of essay writing work, but why? The same written assignments that the teachers and professors present to students could equally be answered oral but they simply prefer a written one.  There must be reasons as to why that are the case. Essay writing is an art by itself. It is a rich way of learning. Essay writing enables students to develop their knowledge, establish creative and logical thinking, and develop good intellectuality and to achieve a higher score in tests.

Attending and listening to a lecture is never an assurance of knowledge acquirement and embedment. In fact a majority of the students doze off during lectures. Research shows that students are only active for the first 15 minutes of a lecture when the attention is above 70% before it begins to decline drastically to about zero after an hour. That means students no longer gain knowledge after that. Essay writing offers the students an opportunity to reinforce what has been learned, integrate ideas, consolidate them and form and a reasoned argument. The student brings together all the facts presented in a lecture or gathered through research and form an argument to a conclusion where a body of knowledge on a given topic if fully established.  Hence, the knowledge is embedded and enhanced among the students.

Also, through essay writing the students think and reason boosting their creativity and logical reasoning. Before a student writes an essay, he or she is encouraged to think about the theme and highlight their thoughts about the topic enlisting self-consciousness. They may draw a map to join their ideas about the topic. These procedures encourage creativity. While writing the essay, the students are encouraged to pursue a systematic way of drawing conclusions based on facts established through research. Doing so encourages the development of logical reasoning in a student’s life where every time he or she is confronted with a problem, they have to establish facts to lead to a conclusion. Essay writing is the most efficient way that the students exhibit high creativity and develop logical reasoning through continuous writing.

Furthermore, essay writing stimulates the learners’ intelligence boosting their intellectual development. Essay writing engages cognitive thinking to generate and organize ideas before presenting them on paper. Continuous stimulation of cognitive thinking results in expanded cognitive function and growth in intellectuality. Thus, continuous essay writing offers an opportunity for the students to expand their intellectual capacities.

Lastly, essay writing helps the learners to polish up their writing skills for an excellent writing of exams and achieving high grades. Essay writing is a spot for the learners to evaluate, analyse and think critically. Evaluation, analysis and critical thinking are the basics for developing good writing skills which a student develops as he or she practices essay writing. As the learners practice regular writing, they develop higher evaluative and analytical skills. They will then apply these skills in evaluating and analysing exam quizzes and writing well organized and thought answers that lead to the award of A grades.  Thus, essay writing is an assured way towards excellence in academics.

Therefore, essay writing is a good opportunity for students to develop their creativity, knowledge, logical reasoning, expand intellectuality and eventually score high in their examinations. As a student, one should develop a positive attitude towards essay writing so as to develop higher evaluative, analytical and generally good writing skills for professional development.

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