Importance Of Educational Tour (Essay Sample)

Importance of Educational Tour

Education is indeed an essential part of mankind. Currently, almost every country in the world is in the process of revamping their education system. Leaders have come to comprehend the importance of education in the world. However, as everyone is focused on ways of getting every person through school, the ones at school often feel overwhelmed and seek to have education oriented tours. While some parents and other stakeholders might think educational tours are a waste of time, students find them entertaining. There are also other benefits of educational tours that might not seem obvious at first but that can help to change the perspective of the critics. Students spend a lot of time in class and being in the same environment for a long time can induce boredom and loss of focus. Occasionally, a break from the norm can help to not only change the perception of students towards something but also supplement classroom work. The sites students visit are often carefully selected by teachers and while they may not always have educational value, the sentimental value is also just as essential. This article will make an attempt to change the minds of the critics by providing several reasons why educational tours are important.

First of all, educational tours are necessary because they help students to gain new perceptions of the world around them. While the above may not apply in all tours, it applies when students travel far away from home, for example, to another country or another city. Getting used to one environment is not a bad thing. However, when one gets into contact with other cultures or a new language, it helps to understand and comprehend diversity in the world. Furthermore, it also helps one to comprehend their place and position in the society. The world is filled with different things which can be helpful when it comes to shaping and expanding one’s world.

Schools all over the world have regimented and predictable lesson plans. Educational tours can help to offer a variety or a break from such plans. Every day, students get to learn and listen to the same teachers. At times, it becomes unexciting and slowly a student’s attitude towards school changes. The introduction of educational tours can indeed be of help as it will give students an opportunity to learn from tour guides and other professionals. This can be a perfect break from the daily routine and similar faces students get to see at school.

Educational tours can also be an opportunity for students to bond. A majority of teachers and parents regard school as an opportunity and environment that should be used for learning only. However, we are all social beings and we will always want to talk and know each other. Conversely, the classroom or the school environment does not provide one with the perfect environment to bond with other students. In a tour, students get a rare opportunity to interact with each other in new environments and also connect with each other more.

Finally, educational tours can also be used to supplement classroom work. These tours often have tour guides and instructors who often bring about a different tone. The instructors often divulge information which could have been skipped during a class lesson thus offering students an opportunity to learn more. Their goal is also always different. Unlike teachers, they want the students to have fun and not just absorb whatever information they dish out.

In conclusion, education tours are necessary and schools need to embrace them. While it may be impossible to measure their worth to students, the truth is they are quite enlightening and should be made mandatory.

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