Importance Of Computer Studies (Essay Sample)

Importance of Computer Studies

Computer studies are essential considering the continuous changes in technology where many people have access to personal computers. Computer knowledge is highly applied in daily operations especially in business where operations are controlled by computer software. Electronic communication, multi site networks and internet access is facilitated using an effective knowledge of computers. Computer studies make it possible for an individual to acquire required skills and knowledge to solve various problems in life for the attainment of set personal goals. The following are the benefits of computer studies; one there has been an advancement of technology where many things are electronic requiring one to have computer knowledge. Students acquire the required skills and knowledge to handle technology by studying computer so as to integrate to the different dimensions of life in The 21 century.  Studying computing makes it possible to handle different breakdown in the hardware or software of a computer to ensure that there is a continuous flow of daily operation.

Two computer studies assist in solving complex issues affecting an individual or an organization. There are topics in computer studies which provide the required basic knowledge and skills to handle challenging problems in daily operations. An individual is able to come up with alternatives solutions to deal with the issue and choice the most effective one that will maximize on production. Three is where computing offers beneficial careers to the students which are well paying for one to meet daily expectations in life. Computing jobs are ranked as one the highest paying jobs in the world due to the variable skills of the individuals. Computer studies provide a basis for an effective information, communication and technology progress in the community. It is important to implement advanced technology in ensuring that there is maximization of profits from daily operations of a business. The nations which focus on technology provide a continuous social and economic progress as there are new ways to handle production issues in order to maximize profits.

Four is where computer studies provide an individual with an ability to influence the world in a positive manner. These are done through the use of acquired computer skills and knowledge which are vital in providing a basis for innovation by various individuals in the area. Innovation provides new ways and methods to deal with issues making it possible for an organization to produce at minimum cost while maximizing on production. Research on various issues facing the community is made possible through computers as people are able to electronically record the finding which is used for future references by other researchers. This is an indication that computer studies is an important aspect in ensuring that there research and development in the community where computer software are used to monitor the progress of the research subject. Five is where there are many computing jobs regardless of the location of an individual. This widely improves the work flexibility as one is assured of getting opportunities regardless where one is located.

Six is where computer studies improve the creativity of an individual so as to handle various issues in life. These are essential in business as people have the required knowledge to deal with the dynamic external environment for the achievement of set long term goals. Lastly is where computer studies make it possible for an individual to integrate work and individual tasks for achievement of set personal goals. People who have done computing acquire future opportunities to deal with various organizations due to their computing skills and flexibility of the individual to work in different department in an organization.

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