Importance Of Chain Of Command (Essay Sample)

Importance Of Chain Of Command

In every institution, there is always a chain of command that takes place as a way for the subordinates to follow as well as to obey while working in the company or organization. This usually happens when there are tasks that are initiated by the leader as a way to initiate a productive aspect of knowing how to develop a new task as well as the accomplish a certain procedure that is vital to the institution. The chain of command starts from the head or executives of the company or the institution. This procedure is considered a routine for every institution who wants to generate a productive campaign on initiating a command to let the members of the company follow. A chain of command is a part of the company’s routine whenever there are procedures and reports that are needed to be done on a regular basis such as every month by the affected party.

A chain of command is important because it initiates a directive to the subordinates and stakeholders regarding the presence of a new practice and interest. Announcements are important because it signifies a product that aims to improve the awareness of the involved stakeholders. Awareness is an important instigation of rules and regulations to that all authorized personnel is able to ensure their productive campaign of becoming a productive stakeholder. This involves forwarding a memorandum to the company whenever there are critical issues that are needed to be addressed. A chain of command helps to ensure that the safety of the stakeholders is always rendered by the executives so that the risk of safety is always contained in an immediate manner.

A chain of command indicates the authoritarian nature of the leaders of companies or institutions. This is to maintain the high-level of respect to the leaders who are running the institution. Implementing respect signifies that the community has been relevant on exhibiting a firm implementation of laws that should be always followed by the subordinates or the stakeholders. The essence of discipline has been the main goal of the chain of command because leaders and executives want to maintain their respective nature and pride as the authorized personnel to lead their company. Any orders are accustomed to the existing rules and regulations of the company so that the workers are able to identify the specific line of orders that are essential to be followed by the subordinates.

It has been learned that the chain of command is a routine activity initiated by leaders who want to make sure that all responsibilities are addressed. Monitoring the performance of the employees is considered under the directive of the executives because leaders want to monitor and identify challenges and benefits that are going to be applied by a certain procedure that affecting the commodity productions and integrating the services of the company. Having a unified structure to improve the productivity of the company is based on the chain of command initiated by the leaders of the community. There is a network that is connected with each other to ensure that the chain of command can be viewed by other executives of the company to improve their services. Leaders are able to amend some chain of command that is efficient and accurate in accordance with the house rules and standards (Brown, 2012).


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