Impaired Driving And Aggressive Driving (Essay Sample)


Driving is the navigation of a vehicle along a pathway such as roads and railways. Driving can be used for any vehicles that are capable of traveling from one place to another. The most common form of traveling is through the land where most people use as an important form of lifestyle when going to different places. In this position, the influence of driving is based on a person’s discipline on how they navigate the roads while traversing a certain locality in their area. This means that they are responsible for their own safety or with their passenger’s safety as they are currently traveling at a required speed by the authorities. However, if there are accidents that happen along the streets or roads, this is usually caused by either drunk driving or aggressive driving.

Drunk driving is a process wherein a person drank too much alcohol while they are driving across the street. A driver is usually under the influence of an alcoholic material such as beer or spirits as they are currently driving along the highway. In this case, the driver is considered not in their proper cognitive state because they are currently under the influence of alcohol. Their visual perception is temporarily impaired due to the influence of alcohol in their body that they are unable to control. The muscle coordination is poor because as a drunken person, their psychomotor response is also temporarily impaired due to the influence of alcoholic beverage in their body. It will take at least six hours before the person can normalize their proper cognitive and emotional behavior because the alcohol will be synthesized by the whole body.

On the other hand, aggressive driving is based more on the psychological functioning of an individual. This is because being aggressive when driving is based on the personality of the person and not by the influence of an edible material. The behavior when driving a vehicle goes beyond the control of the driver if their decision risks the lives of the passenger or the driver. Aggressive driving is dangerous because it can cause serious injuries not only towards the driver but with other cars that have a close distance to the driver. In this case, the driver’s safety is at risk, which could lead to accidents, damages, injuries, or even fatalities. As an aggressive driver, you can easily attract law enforcement officials who are constantly patrolling the streets for delinquent drivers along the road who could pose a risk to other drivers and pedestrians.

As for the learning measure for this issue, it is important to know that driving takes discipline before navigating the road with your own hands. As a driver, you are able to conduct a training session in order to ensure that your responsibility becomes consistent with your driving behavior. The reason behind is that being a responsible driver is one of the most important issues that every person must have to consider. Being a delinquent driver can risk your license to be revoked forever. This is because safety is the most important consideration that every driver must have to consider as a way to ensure that their responsibilities while driving are always made in a disciplined manner. Driving drunk and aggressively, you might cause injuries, fatalities, or lose your life in an instant (Jensen, 2011).


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