Impact Of Technology On Indian Culture (Essay Sample)

India is the leading country in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry and even in IT industry. Next to India is the Philippines. BPO is the outsourcing a third party service provider to a certain business process. This usually involves the customer service representative a. k. a the call center. Call centers are where people make calls or take calls for a certain company – the outbound and the inbound. Call centers may also involve selling products to people or simply answering inquiries of callers. The IT industry on the other hand involves providing internet services to a company, whether a hardware or software.

India is known to be one of the most traditional countries in the world, yet it is leading in an industry that involves technology. This has created a big impact for the people of India because the industry provides lucrative respectable stable job. For a bachelor to marry, he must first have a well–paying job. This is to pose as a desirable bachelor to women, especially in a conservative family. More than that, when a man marries he must be able to provide for his family. Giving gifts to their wives is very important in their culture.

However, there is a problem with regard to this industry because of the competition with the other countries. Philippines is one of the countries that has many BPO companies because of the people are well-versed in English. In India, the call center agent must first go through a rigorous training to be able to get to call center job. Their accent must be as if it is their native tongue, most especially that Indians have their own accent.

There are other companies who are already laying off because they want to spread their locations to other countries. Concentration of the BPO industry in India may be a problem to the business when a calamity happens. BPO industries prefer to invest their business now with smaller countries like Bangladesh or Indonesia.

The impact of the technology to the Indian culture is a promotion to their culture. It becomes an easy solution to men who wants to become a desirable bachelor to women. At the age of 25 a man must be able to marry. And even in the influx of the BPO industry in India, that is almost impossible to accomplish. With the globalization, many single men and women prefer to concentrate on their careers before marrying. In fact, the trend has become different in other cultures. Marrying is not anymore a necessity but a decision after one has already accomplished with his/her career.

BPO industry is a respectable industry. But, not all individuals prefer to work as a call center agent their whole life. The culture of India, however, is indirectly forcing their people to instead to work as a call center agent. It is as if the Indian men have no choice but to get a call center job just so they can get marry. Added to that are the gossips he will have to endure for not getting marry at a certain age only because he does not a respectable job. More than just having a job, a person must also be satisfied with their career.

At the end of the day, technology seems not to be going forward in this case but it is going backwards by promoting the culture of India. This is not the BPO industry fault, nonetheless this is the result of the influx of it. In any case, business is still business.

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