Impact Of Media In Our Life (Essay Sample)

Impacts of media in our lives

The media is explicitly a good invention in our lives. More fundamentally, it is significant in relaying information back and forth. The media is widely used for communication. The media has globalized the universe. People can receive instant information and live events of activities from various parts of the world through media apps. However, the media is never exclusively good for consumption. Students become addicted to video games. Some people are glued to television programs without serious engagement in empowering the economy. Radio, television, Magazine, and newspaper are the widely used type of media for information. Addiction to media has both positive and negative influence in our thoughts. Perhaps, every coin has two sides. This essay will, therefore, explore the various impacts of media in our lives

Positive impacts of media

The innovation and technological advancement in media has made the earth to become a small global village. The surveillance system in our society has tremendously improved through internet and television. The war against terror activities has gained improvement through media. The national detectives are capable of learning the plans of terrorists promptly and plan for counter-attack measures before creating any havoc. Precisely, media has the best platform for spreading knowledge, information from different parts of the world for security reasons.

The second invaluable contribution of media into our life is the ability to educate the public about their basic rights. Learners can conduct their research and learn various concepts through the internet. Currently, online degrees are registered and achieved through media. Students are not necessarily required to attend lecturer halls to learn and gain concepts, most importantly, they need a strong internet connection to communicate and teleconference with their tutors at any part of the world. Finally, the media play a vital role in bridging the gap between the government and the public. The government can reach and communicate its policies and activities through newspapers and the official government’s portal. Meanwhile, the public can also raise their discomfort through the internet without unnecessary demonstration and picketing.

Finally, various advertisements through the media enable the public to learn about the latest products in the market. The customers are equipped with the ability to learn the new products before making a purchase. More significantly, the customers are learning the location of their company of choice or place an order through online. Online weather forecast programs equipped the farmers to take the necessary precautions to avoid massive crop failure.

Negative impacts of media

The dire consequences of media are portrayed in the behavior of our children who are obsessed and addicted to media programs. Exposure to dreaded videos and programs contributes to aggressive behavior on children. Such children develop more accepting virtue to violence, and they have doubted integrity. Teachers have complained about such students who are addicted to violence video programs. They are a destructive and dangerous individual who progress to become terrorists upon completing education. Parents and caregivers should take control of what their children are watching on the social media.

Secondly, media news exaggerate information to attract the attention of the public. However, exaggeration of information is unlawful arts of spreading violence and chaos in the society. This is contrary to the journalism code of ethics. In other words, rather than playing a constructive role in our lives, media propagate a destructive role in initiating violence. Individuals who consume such exaggerated information from internet trust less but develop a wrong perception of the world.

Lastly, there is an incredible rise in sex crimes in the society due to uncontrolled media information on sex and violence. The unedited video on rape case from internet traumatizes youngsters. They remained depressed in their life. In conclusion, despite the positive and negative impacts of media in our life, precaution is inevitable while exposing the young generation to media.

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