If There Were No Rain (Essay Sample)

If There Were No Rain

Water is essential for man’s survival. One can do without food for a few weeks but cannot do without water for more than four days. If it suddenly happens to come that it stops raining, there would be ominous casualties. Many water bodies would dry up, land would wither, and most importantly there will be no life left on earth. Plants and animals would all die. Water serves a great purpose generally.

Many households and companies at large use water. Lack of sufficient rain would make the taps and water sources to run dry. Desert conditions would become imminent. This may lead to land being irrigated which at times may lead to disappointing results. Water companies would also begin rationing water which would limit people’s use of it.

Swimming is an activity that has become a hobby for many. Lack of rain will result in the pools running dry. Other water sources will have been reserved for commercial use since one cannot figure out when the dry season would end. Normal things including taking showers would also become extinct because the little water that is available would be preferred for consumption.

Contaminated water results in body ailments and at times can lead to death. When the taps run dry, people may opt to use any little water available not minding their sources. Water vendors would also increase and people would flock at such joints regardless of the source of the water being sold. Diseases would become common especially waterborne diseases. As it is with any issue in the world, some people will see this as an opportunity of making money.

Tourism has become a key income generating sector in many countries. Wild animals attract tourists. Many admire seeing the great migration of wildebeests across the River Mara. When the rivers and lakes run dry, the animals tend to move to regions where they can find some water. This means that some countries would be left without animals. The locales would suffer much without water and governments would be robbed off the opportunity of generating income through the tourism sector.

If the rains stop, the land would become completely dry. The little that will be left underground may rise up to cool the surface. Once it is finished, the land becomes absolutely dry. The land would be vulnerable since its fertility will be completely destroyed. Wildfires would become common and people as well as animals would die as a result.

Cultivation will also be greatly affected if rivers and lakes run dry. The poor would die of starvation since there is little food. Malnourishment will spread rapidly. This will lead to unstable economies all over the world. The trade industry would collapse due to poor quality of goods. Many countries would fall into debts which they would also fail to pay.

Weather forecasts are important if they give out the correct information. When the weather analysts note that there will few or no rains in an area, the natives in that area will resort to water conservation. They will learn to minimize and ration the water amongst themselves. Others will try out different farming methods in order for the little water they have to be enough.

In conclusion, if there were no rain no water may be left on earth. Nature will seem to be desperate while trying to restore balance and most importantly life would cease to exist.

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