If There Were No Electricity (Essay Sample)

If There Were No Electricity

Despite the fact that human beings have survived for thousands of years before the discovery of electricity, it is difficult to imagine how the current society would be like if there were no electricity. In the modern world, most of the tools and gadgets that people use rely on electricity for them to function. Dependence of electricity implies that people’s lives would drastically be brought to a standstill and it would take time before getting accustomed to a lifestyle without electricity. A good example to support this statement is when electricity goes off and everything else appears boring and dull since most systems that people use are directly reliant on electricity.

If there were no electricity, all gadgets that provide a luxurious lifestyle will stop operating. This is because gadgets such as televisions, air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, computers, and other systems can only operate when electricity is present. This implies that all items that enhance a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle would remain redundant. Furthermore, electricity is the main source of lighting and this implies that absence of power would imply that electric bulbs would have to be replaced by candles and lamps. Homes would stop being as a bright as they used to be and people would be forced to get accustomed to using gadgets that have already been declared obsolete in most industrialized countries.

Communication is another sector that would be adversely affected without electricity. Most, if not all, communication gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops have to be charged for them to be operational. Moreover, gadgets such as televisions which are used to broadcast information cannot operate if they are not connected to a source of power. In the modern day lifestyle where people heavily rely on technology for communication, it would be a difficult time adjusting if there were no electricity.

Transpiration would also be significantly affected if there were no electricity. Apart from the electric cars and trains which directly depend on electricity to be functional, the entire transportation system would be affected since traffic lights and monitoring systems also depend on electricity. In addition, developing countries which are yet to start using electricity for transportation would be affected machineries that are used to mine oil and gas usually rely on electricity to operate.

In the modern society, almost all products that are used by human beings have to pass through manufacturing industries for them to be transformed into quality and usable products. These products range from simple goods such as milk which has to be pasteurized before consumption, to complex products such as computers which have to go through a lengthy manufacturing process before they can be turned into finished products. Raw materials such as sugarcane need to pass through manufacturing processes before sugar can be used in preparing tea. All these processes require electricity to run the industrial machines that convert raw materials to finished goods.

Furthermore, perhaps the area which would be severely affected is the healthcare industry which plays an important role in improving the quality of life and preventing death. People who are sick have to be rushed to hospitals and the gadgets that are used to treatment directly depend on electricity. Moreover, equipment and machines that are used in the emergency departments depend on electricity and this implies absence of electricity would lead to an increase in mortality rate since such patients would be unable to be provided with emergency treatment. In summary, absence of electricity would have a drastic impact on all sectors of human lifestyle which have come to be directly dependent on presence of power.

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