If There Is No Crime In The World (Essay Sample)

If There is No Crime in the World

A world without crime is pretty difficult to imagine. It would signify that a world functions with peace and order but it should be clear that this is not the perfect functionality for a world. A world without crime would suggest that the perspective on free will has been modified in order to stop people from doing crime. This is reminiscent of a film that gained attention in the past few years: The Purge. In this film, the society is depicted as a dystopia wherein crime rates have been so low every year because there is one day every year, “the day of the purge”, dedicated to legalizing all crimes, including murder. This once a year event depicts the repressed fragility of the human being wherein he or she still needs to express rage in order to remain functional for the rest of the year.

The Purge, of course has its loopholes that still addresses the dynamics of the society. The day of the purge is a time that either people choose to do crime or stay at home and be safe for the time allotted. Despite this, immunity is given to government officials of high positions. This depicts that even in a dystopian society wherein people found a way to reduce crime rates, through doing crime, power relations are still at play and these relations definitely influence the way people make decisions.

The thing about The Purge is that people are deliberately committing crime in order to be in touch with their psyche. This is a psychological perspective on how criminal minds work because the film tends to show that all of us are capable to be criminals. This follows the idea that man is inherently evil. The film, The Purge, is an essential material that connects criminal activity to the psychology and condition of the human being. This also scratches the surface of the issue of morality when it comes to how a man voluntarily or involuntarily commits a crime.

Imagining a world without crime can be equated to imagining a problematic world wherein repression definitely exists. This does not mean that crime is essential to the functionality of the world but rather, it is important to remember that crime is multi-faceted and it is given meaning in different levels. A crime for someone may not be a crime for someone else. Accomplishing to live in a world without crime can also mean establishing a society that has only a single standard of morality. This emphasizes the need to have a deeper understanding of how crime is committed especially among individuals who commit grave crimes on their own accord. There is such a thing as criminal minds and this is something that cannot be completely isolated from the society. A world without any crimes is a utopia that will definitely be hard to reach and even harder to understand.

In a current day and age wherein crime is so rampant in so many forms, it is easy to see why people continue to suffer from social inequality. To understand crime is to understand the whole dynamics of the society. Some people are pushed to steal because they do not have the resources in order to be able to work decent jobs. Some people kill in the form of self-defense. Despite this, it is just right to acknowledge how people manage to do so grave crimes without regretting them, some steal out of greed and some kill out of sheer rage. At the end of the day, the world we live in has different individuals acting on different motives and motivations. A world without crime is still something that would be seen for its absurdity.

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