If I Were The Head Girl Of My School (Essay Sample)

If I were the head girl of my school

The school that I go to is one of the best in the country. Despite it being among the best schools, there are things about it that I do not like and I would change them if I had the chance to do so. Some of the changes can be carried out or spearheaded by the school officials or the school council of leaders, who are not only close to the tutors but are also in charge of running some things in the school. The head girl is the leader of the school council who is charged with helping the school administration in running the school smoothly. If I were the head girl of my school, I would make changes, amend and implement some rules to make my school a better place than it is at the moment.

Every school’s dream is to produce students that are well qualified to their next level of education, and are disciplined enough. As the head girl of my school, I would encourage my fellow students to maintain discipline and hard work at all times in the class and field activities. With the help of the school council that I will be heading, I would come up with new fair rules and amend the existing ones for the day to day running of the school. Students who are charged with going against the school rules would be first brought to the school council and punished if found in the wrong, while others whose misbehaviors are beyond the council would be forwarded to the teachers for assistance. It would help in curbing and instilling discipline to students who go against the school rules. I would, in my power convince the school administration, to conduct prize giving ceremonies to recognize, honor and award students who are disciplined as individuals and as groups. These awards will lure other students to be disciplined to be awarded and recognized for the future events.

Through the school administration, I would instill hard work, by organizing forums where renowned guest speakers would be invited to the school to advise and talk to the students about the importance of working hard in life. Eye catching banners, with motivational quotes and writing, will be posted all over the school compound, to encourage and remind students to always work hard.

As it is well known “Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy,” I would encourage the students to take part in the outside-class activities. I would strengthen the existing drama, music, dancing and the ball gaming clubs as well as the athletics club. This will enable the school to have all round students who take part in all activities. Tournaments would then be organized within and outside the school, and by doing so, talents will be discovered and nurtured.

Since we live in a democratic country, I would set up forums where students would also be exercising their democratic rights by discussing the school affairs. They will, in such occasions discuss and bring to attention itching issues and recommendations. I would also keep and maintain the school neat and clean at all times. Tree planting days will be put in the school calendar, and on such days trees would be planted in designated areas in the school. I would encourage the school administration to buy and put dustbins in the school compound where litter would be dumped into.

I believe that by doing the things that I have mentioned above, the school will be a better place for all the students. Discipline and hard work will enable the students to perform better in all the events and activities that they will be taking part in. Under my watch, the school would scale for greater heights if I were the head girl of my school.

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