If I Were An English Teacher (Essay Sample)

If I Were An English Teacher

If I were an English teacher, the subject would have been more fun than what I experienced when I was being taught. The English subject for me then was so stale that I always ended up snoozing until class and/or even recess ended.

If I were to be an English teacher, I would make sure to strip away from the conventional method of teaching the subject wherein teachers would simply teach the course with the basics such as the noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, and in general, literature. To teach these lessons without thinking much ahead on the possible impact on how your students will perform in your class is a big NO as well. You must take into consideration the willingness of the students to learn should you want them to excel in your subject.

If I were a teacher, I would make sure I play the part of one. If I were to teach the aforementioned lessons, I would take it up a notch. For example, I can use new methods such as having the students literally participate via the sentence they should follow, such as run; I make them run in the field or something I am just kidding of course. Though, if you do want your kids to stand up, that is one way to make or force them to actively participate. As an English teacher, I will make sure that the students would have many activities involved a once every three weeks trip to different places (may be in the school) to apply what they have learned in my subject.

Of course, there is the literature aspect of the course. If I were to teach that part of the English subject, I would once again play the part. What do I mean? Well, there are many stories in literature such as the Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, and more. As a teacher, how would you stimulate your students and as students, what do you want from a teacher so you will listen?

As a student, I would definitely love for my teacher to transform a boring narrative into an exciting, and may be a tinge contemporary piece. Of course, there would always be students who are definitely old souls and would prefer the traditional way of teaching but more students these days would prefer a new way of learning. As an English teacher, I will make it a point that if I were to narrate stories like Robin Hood, I can dress up as an archer or Peter Pan and dress like Peter Pan’s suit. Of course, it is not an easy task to always accommodate this form of teaching method but as an English teacher, I should look at how this teaching style were to affect my students and make necessary arrangements and adjustments should there be any problem.

As an English teacher, I have to be mindful that the course is very difficult to understand depending on your region of teaching, but is most difficult for countries rarely exposed to using bilingual tongue. So as an English teacher, my priority is to make sure that I use simplified teaching methods that would ensure that everyone learns and is able to excel in the course and apply it in their everyday living.

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