If I Were A Magician (Essay Sample)

If I were a magician

If I were a magician I would change the world to be a better place to live; I would ensure there are no wars, no sicknesses, and no enemies. I would make the world a peaceful place with friendly and courteous people. I would make sure that people have what they love the most, and need in their lives. I would ensure that mothers don’t have to undergo much pain to give birth; I would create a happy world for all with all my magical powers. People’s happiness would be my happiness.

If I were a magician, I would use my powers to change the world and its negative history. I would ensure all the memories of the world wars and all the adverse events experienced by the humankind are erased from the face of the world and people’s mind. I would use my magical power to free all the slaves enslaved in their mind and ensure they become lords to their oppressors and situations. I would bring civilization in the slave’s world.

If I were a magician I would provide homes to the homeless, any older adult would be in his or her home, and there would be no problems to do with homelessness or related problem. I would be happy to see them settle in their new homes, taking care of their gardens that I would have prepared. I would be glad to see people watering their plants with the smiles on their faces.  Children would be playful and full of energy. I would use my magical powers to create a bright future and offer hope to destitute society; my magical power would be instrumental in alleviating suffering from those who are living in abject poverty. If I were a magician I would I would ensure people are self-sustained hence reducing cases of robberies, corruption and other social illness in the society.

I would change the rules that tend to oppress the ordinary citizens as it favors the who is who in the society in various nations in the world. People would do as they wish, freedom would be the order of the day, and since I would have ensured peaceful coexistence, I wouldn’t mind the freedom of the people. I would protect the minority in the society and provide to the less privileged people in the community. If I were a magician I would safeguard the rights of the animals; I would ensure no animal is hunted by the fellow animal or is slaughtered to be a meal to the human beings. My magical power would be the guardian angel to the vulnerable species in the world.

I use my abilities to ensure that I do not live a boring life, ensure that I have traveled all the best places I have ever known and longed to be, with my special powers, I would not need money but disappear and appear in my destination. I would ensure that my eyes have seen all kinds of wild animal and my feet have stepped in all large cities and shop in the famous malls in the world. I would ensure that money is not a barrier to my happiness. If I were a magician, I would witness the biggest football match of the season and watch my favorite players do what they do best in the comfort of my house. I would use my magical power to create my palace and live like a real king in my paradise, listening to good music in a green environment that I will have created using my powers.

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