If I Was A Farmer (Essay Sample)

If I was a farmer

A farmer is an important person in the society because he provides food for everyone. If I were a farmer, I would be very proud because  I would be one of the most admired person in the society because everyone will purchase my produce. Everybody will depend on my farm to meet their food requirements. Being a farmer is a huge responsibility because everyone will rely on me to meet their food requirements.  If I  was a farmer, I will be famous and admired by many people because of my richness. I will grow and sell crops that most people consume locally.

Most of my  crops will be for commercial purposes. However, I will grow some crops to feed my family and avoid spending much money on purchasing food every time. My journey of becoming a rich farmer starts by developing a routine to help me achieve my goals; I will wake up early every morning to go to the field to supervise the people working on my farm. Being an expert farmer, I will purchase modern equipment like tractors to make my work easy.  I will take care of my crops by applying fertilizer, sprinkling pesticides to protect them against insects and other harmful pests.

Most farmers are perceived to be illiterate and old. However, if I was a farmer, I will be among the new generation of farmers equipped with adequate knowledge of good farming practices. I will use my knowledge to embrace good farming practices like testing the soil in the field in the laboratory to determine which crop is more suitable for the type of soil on my farm. I would take advantage of existing government programs for the farmer by acquiring loans to improve my farm. My farm will have electricity and water, which are essential commodities for any farmer. Even though farmers depend upon nature whereby  adequate rainfall determines  their agricultural output, I will be a revolutionary farmer.  I will practice new farming methods like irrigation to avoid depending on nature. Adopting better farming practices will guarantee me good food supply throughout the year.

I have always imagined watching cattle graze in the pasture on sunny days. The smell of healthy soil and fresh cut grass and the sound of corns in the field as I stand out in a warm evening watching my farm with animals sparing from the highest spot on the hill has been part of my dream as a farmer. People view farming as a complicated process; I am committed to becoming a good farmer. Farming is not about putting seeds on the ground and waiting for crops to grow on their own. It involves constant monitoring and taking care of these plants. Being a good farmer, I will constantly compare the market prices to get the best prices for my farm products.

Factors like bad weather will not deter my efforts; I will take advantage of the various seasons by planning my activities to maximize the natural weather. During rainy seasons will store water,   plant fodder and other crops that can withstand rain. During hot seasons,  I will also plant crops that can withstand hot weather. Before the onset of winter, I will harvest the crops and process them before the weather destroys the crops,  my farm will be busy throughout all season. After harvesting, I will sell my crops to earn profit from my hard work. I will ensure that I use the modern technology to maximize production, with time I will purchase more acres to expand my farming business to make more profit.

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