If I Had Wings (Essay Sample)


Life sometimes gives us more lemons reflecting to negative experiences and traumatic events however, it is the courage and strength to rise above the circumstances in life that matters the most. Some people would resort to different methods of healing from the pain of suffering and rejection while others would do harmful things to get past the horrible memories. We watch the eagles glide in the sky and envy how powerful they look most especially once they spread their wings and go to heights. If only we could do the same thing, fly away from our troubles in life and leave the past behind.

If I Had Wings I Will Triumph Over all Setbacks and Challenges

Dreaming of having wings does not only refer to the physical side of obtaining wings of birds because that would be impossible. However, there have been people who were able to fly with their wings in a metaphorical and splendid way. Inventors and scientists who have created airplanes have learned that there are other methods and brilliant ways to fly. Because of man’s desire to be like the eagle, they became brilliant in inventing machines to fly and travel the world. Likewise, if I only had wings I will visit families and friends who are living far away and bring them comfort and love. Having wings would enable me to be on top of houses and see beyond the horizon. I could even touch the clouds, the moon and the stars. I will even have the opportunity to visit the Seven Wonders of the World and look below at the Eifel Tower. The possibilities are numerous, if only I had wings. Nevertheless, success in the challenges that life brings will give us a sense of euphoria, a feeling of hope, a taste of happiness as if I am high above the ground, spreading my wings like the eagle and flying.

In addition, I will visit the White House and see its splendor or be higher than the highest mountain, Mt. Everest. The sad part is we were created to be more than intelligent from birds and the beasts in the air. We were called to watch over these creatures and not to become just like them. Eagles do not have the intellectual capacity of a man nor the capability to build relationships and a community. They cannot create, cannot express themselves in words and languages, cannot walk nor swim in the sea. More so, if I had wings I will be able to go to China, Canada, Australia, Iceland or Japan without paying such a huge fare for the plane ticket. If I had wings, I will glide through the atmosphere over the oceans and see the wonders from above. Eagles have the capability to see things that men have not seen yet, their lives are so simple as opposed to the complexity of our lives down below. The world that we live in is full of puzzling situations that requires solutions so that there won’t be any consequences that will have a domino effect upon everyone. Flying would also allow me to feel the wind on my face and also see other animals in the air. Aside from the eagles there are also birds who have wings but could not fly like the chickens or the parrots whose flying are limited only. The skill to fly will enable me to hover over tall buildings in New York City or even hide behind the clouds and rest on top of the mountains.

We should not envy these birds because we were created to live a life that is different from theirs and human beings are obviously more intelligent, skilled and talented than any animal alive, with wings or without. Nothing is wrong with dreaming to fly but once it becomes an unrealistic obsession, the problem sets in since no human being will ever produce wings but could only imitate flight through planes and jets.

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