If I Had One Wish (Essay Sample)

If I had one wish

If you asked, anyone to wish for one thing that can be granted to him immediately, most people would wish for more wealth or a better job. There are many things I could wish for; my list is endless. It has been my dream that everyone be given equal opportunity in life.   I would wish for peace and also to eliminate poverty. I often wonder if I wish for all these problems to go, would  the world be a better place to live, or if my wish will  worsen the situation. Having lived in poverty,  I witnessed social injustices  and how  innocent children are affected. It is only prudent for me to want to  help these children by improving their lives.

If I had one wish, I would only wish for social justice whereby all children have the right to education. In my community, girls are viewed as nothing more than just child bearers and helpers. Most families do not bother educating girls not because they cannot afford, but because they think it is a waste of resources. Instead, girls are viewed as a source of wealth. Many girls are married off at a younger age to  old wealthy people. Girls are not given the opportunity to decide what they want in life.  These practices are still rampant in the society.   Girls as young as nine years are prepared for early marriage to people old enough to be their father,   without anyone opposing this old fashion culture. The fact that girls are treated as goods that are sold to the highest bidder makes me wonder if we are making any progress in our communities.

I only wish that people can understand the effects of such old tradition and the importance of education. Given a chance, I will empower all the children in my community and sensitize community members about the negative impact of such  traditions. I believe that if girls are provided with equal opportunities like boys they can excel in life, especially if given a chance to learn.  Education will reduce the number of children being smuggled for marriage in other countries as their families  receive a lot of money without thinking about the future of such children. By fighting for social justice means giving these children the chance to discover their potential in preparation for their future.  I hope to be the voice of these children so that everyone would see their worth.  Girls can perform better if given a chance to learn.  People assume that boys need to be educated because in future they will be in charge of their families. While girls need to stay at home and learn to take care of the family as they wait to get a suitor to marry them. Marrying girls at an early age is wrong and should be condemned.

If only my wish could come, true girls should be given equal opportunities like boys to excel in their studies. They should be permitted to pursue their interest to become more independent. I believe that education is the key to success and no human can survive in this era without proper education. Education gives us the knowledge to help us think and make critical decisions in life. There should be no pretext that girls are lesser than boys are. God created both boys and girls with similar brains, but through socialization, we are made to think that girls have no potential.  If my one wish was to be true, all girls should be given equal opportunity to learn and pursue their interest and to be more independent.

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