If I Had A Magic Carpet (Essay Sample)

If I had a magic carpet

Occasionally we long to possess magic powers to do the impossible things, especially when we feel frustrated about what happens around us like the heavy traffic during rush hour and the numerous errands we have to run every week. The only thing that comes to your mind is that if I need magic.  I have always wished to have a magic carpet to fly around without feeling frustrated.   After a long, tiresome day, having stayed in traffic for long, all I need is a quiet evening.  Last night was one of the days that I would wish for a magic carpet because I was stuck in traffic for more than one hour.

By the time I was reaching home, I was too tired to do anything all I wanted was to sleep. I went to bed very early wishing that my wish would be granted. If only I had a magic carpet, I would not worry about waking up in the morning to beat the traffic jam, I would simply command the carpet to fly, and within no time, I would be at the office. I believe having a magic carpet would give me the joy I need because I can fly anywhere, visit the sandy beaches and visit all my friends within the shortest time possible.

Traffic in any big town is a nightmare, I take public transport to work, and it takes me several hours to reach home or at work. I do not like the fact that I have to leave the house early and get home so late every day. So if I had the magic carpet, all I would do is snap my fingers, and the magic carpet will take me home or at work in no time. I will not be spending more than fifty dollars each week to fill up my gas tank; instead, I will save the money to buy other essential items. If I had the magic, carpet if I want to go to any state, I would simply fly there avoiding the hustle of making bookings and traveling to the airport or at the train station. I would need to wear a protective gear similar to that of the Superman because I would be flying at high speed.

The thought of being lifted off the ground and taking off to anywhere in the world makes me long to have a magic carpet because I would go sightseeing every day and see the beauty of the world from above something nobody has ever done. I would help those stranded and transport them to their destination. I would make use of my magic carpet wisely by not misusing it because it could lead me to misery. Airplanes are expensive, and I cannot afford to fly to the nearest town just to see my grandmother, but with the magic carpet, all my dreams will be fulfilled.

Flying on a magic carpet will be amazing because I will not pay any single cent; the carpet will simply take me anywhere and will not feel exhausted since I will be experiencing the magic. Using my powerful speed of the magic carpet, I would always be in time to attend all the events and any family engagement that I am invited to. I would use my magic carpet to run all my errands and have some time to sit down and relax. The fact that I can fly to any destination in few seconds, the magic carpet will be the solution to all my life troubles because it will help me fulfill all my dreams.

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