If I Could Live Underwater (Essay Sample)

If I could live underwater

If I could live underwater I would have the best life anyone could have. Just like Ariel in the movie of the little mermaid, you can have everything you can imagine of, from treasures from sunken ships and artifacts from the prehistoric era, undiscovered places no human can ever imagine to exist and much more. An average of seventy percent (70%)  of the beauty God created can be found in the vast part of the ocean, from the swimming creatures of different species, the dark and dangerous unfathomable  of the ocean floors to the mysterious animals and amazing breath-taking coral reefs from the smallest to the  biggest cliffs in the undersea. The underwater world is full of color and mystery, it is a world that is short of a lifetime to explore.

Different color and life that cover the underwater world fascinated the mind of everyone. For the creation of this magnificent world is something that takes time and great artist; living underwater is living in the most basic way. Imagine a life that is worry-free about almost everything. I don’t have to worry about Food because the underwater world is abundant of food resources, given that the there is an existing great food chain in nature. Living in harmony among other creatures are the most and basic structure in nature. Taking more than we can consume will bring chaos in the natural flow of the resources. Another thing that I don’t have to worry about living underwater is the hassle of traffic, rush-hour, and commuting. The underwater world is massive in deep that I can actually swim on top or bottom of a larger species without harming the other. I can swim with the other species and learn their nature. I don’t have to worry about the current flow of the traffic because the animals usually swim in the group so it’s easy for them to be avoided. Going from one place to another will definitely take time depends on my stamina is swimming, but as we all know in the Movie of Finding Nemo underwater world has Ocean Current that’s make the traveling easier with oceans Current all I just have to do is go with the flow. This is just some of the perks of living in the ocean.

With the cast of the underwater world, it has also been suffering from human waste, and this is poisoning each and everyone in the underwater world. It is creating a vast chain reaction of death and chaos around the ocean world. And with the death of the ocean, death on the earth will follow. Living underwater I can do so much, just like in the Movie “In the heart of the Sea” ( an adaptation of Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick” ) have the creatures protect themselves. Guiding the weak and small creatures in a safe place giving protection to the delicate animals and their homes. To make sure that even they are vulnerable they will still be able to protect themselves. The waste product of the humans needs to be cleaned up, clutter that has been thrown into the ocean will definitely go back to the human world. Creatures of the underwater, big and small are being hunted by humans to be used as ornaments, decoration, trophies and unnecessary food. Avoiding human is just one part of protecting, making humans realize that production of aquatic resources takes a lot of time, by this humans will be able to re-create their own time live of resources by cultivating or creating their own alternative resources of marine resources with harming or destroying the underwater world. Living underwater means protecting my home.

Living underwater is like living in the human world in different perspective and in a simpler and basic mode of living, but with this kind of life, it will not excuse me from responsibility and obligation as a living creature. I do have all the benefits and enjoyment abundantly but with this, I also have a huge responsibility, a vast of ocean and creatures that I mean to protect and a home that I need to take care for. A small act with consistency and dedication will take a big effect in the future.

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