If I Could Change The World (Essay Sample)

It is doubtful that any of us will be the next Mother Teresa and only few will have sufficient power to do big stuff in the world, but I presume that I can change the world by offering to help the poor in my area. Many do community aid but there is endlessly more to do. Many volunteers aid the poor through agencies, and some do it secretly. Agencies like Harvesters stage food drives for the poor and homeless. The Salvation Army and The Red Cross also raise donations to distribute to the needy. These agencies do considerable things to help those in need. “If one could change the world” That specific notion regularly appears in my sense whenever I check some reports in the daily newspapers and news broadcasting. Everyday there were news about peoples’ sufferings and crimes. This paper strives to outline the things one would possibly do if one could change the planet.

Accordingly, if one could change the world, I would quicken the enlargement of science and technology in a well planned manner and systematic. Incorporation to that, I do not desire for the development of armaments, and nuclear weapons. Whilst for some political particulars it is vital to possess powerful and advance military weapons to combat any sudden attacks or wars that could destroy the nation. This is taken into thought by many heads of state. However in my viewpoint weaponry would only take the existence of millions of innocent individuals. Rather than unraveling the main problems through wars it would only intensify the problem. This can be noticed form the world war two that happened in the past, the case when Osama Bin Laden destroyed the Portland Wheelmen Touring club (PWTC) with bombs and the previous war between the Iraq and America which was a disaster that affected mainly the Iraq people and Americans similarly. Fights between countries should be resolved in a more discerning manner through peace talks instead of using savage force.

As mentioned earlier, I would quicken the enlargement of science and technology in a well planned manner and systematic in order to enrich research and development, ecological field, and biomedical. This is exceptionally vital and significant as this would lead to production of new type and appropriate medicines that would be able to cure different ailments such as the Avian Bird Flu and AIDS, different types of cancers, mouth and hand foot sicknesses which are incurable even today. As the medical domain frantically research test, and develop new medicines to oppose the threat from new strains of sickness that the world today seems vulnerable. Animal cruelty is another area of interest where care should be given consideration. Nowadays animals are mistreated and homeless animals are despised as being nothings to the ordinary man. Animals too have hearts and emotions like everyone else hence I wish this cruelty could stop and instead of them being chased off, Animal Care should capture and take care of them.

In conclusion, I would wish that everyone live in peace and harmony. Say NO to VIOLENCE and WARS! I would culture and teach the world that if everyone loves themselves first, they would show their honesty and kind warmth outwards everyone around them. It is important and all we should try to inspire this caring and loving warmth to all mankind. This in turn creates respect and love for each other and when we love, no one will lose their lives or get hurt. As far as technology and science are concerned, they have developed a great significance in our lives.

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