If I Could Be Someone Else I Would Be (Essay Sample)

If i could be someone else I would be Barack Obama. Barack has left an indelible mark in my life and has continually proved himself to be worth of respect and admiration. As a young man, he lived in dilapidated conditions in Hawaii after being born of an African dad and Caucasian mother. Despite these humble beginnings, he has conquered all barriers to become the most powerful man in the world for 8 years. He also beat equally qualified candidates to clinch the office of the president of the United States where he showed exemplary leadership as he steered America through many challenges that befell his administration. He brokered many deals that helped his country and the world at large. He made history and became the first black man to be the most powerful person on the planet and that privilege did not corrupt his ideals, personality and morals. To demonstrate why I would like to be him, here below are some achievements that have fueled my desire to be like him.

His life outside the political landscape has also been exemplary. He has led an amazing young family that has benchmarked family life for many across the world. His family has demanded respect for their integrity and great diverse personalities hinged on love. Balancing his work with raising a beautiful family is a herculean task but he made it seem easy. His wife, Michelle also left an indelible mark as one of the most influential first lady ever in the history of the country. The collective presentation of the family was adorable as they remained humble and friendly even after their ascension to the white house. This serves as a concrete evidence of the man barrack is as a leader, husband and father. He is a comical character often introducing jokes in his speeches. Naturally, he is a happy man and likes to share his joy with the world through comedy and self-criticism. Outside his administration duties he has proved to be man of the people often interacting with the citizens cordially.

Barrack’s effort in seeking sustainable peace around the world and enforcing stringent policies to curb environmental degradation have left an indelible mark. These achievements are his legacy that he pursued as a president. They have left a lasting impression of the ingenuity of this man to bring belligerent nations together for their common good. In regard to climate, he struck various deals with other nations while enforcing measures to protect our environment for future generations. His efforts and strategic actions in these areas were replicated by world leaders and have gone a long way in making our world safer and better. His administration gave the American people the first ever affordable health care bill. This bill went to cover millions of Americans and helped fight diseases and protect lives. It is an effort he spearheaded and despite criticism, accomplished his goals and promise to the American people.

All the aforementioned characteristics and achievements by this man has made me admire him more. They are just the tip of an iceberg but i would like to be him and experience how greatness feels like first-hand. His greatness has demanded respect and admiration and I would like to share in that spotlight. However, since this is impossible, I try to replicate his character in my life. It has helped me to shatter many barriers and given me strength to strive relentlessly towards my goals. He has demonstrated to me that though perfection is impossible, you can come very close to it.

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